Washington D.C. Travel Tips

Washington D.C., capitol city for the United States of America, is a city that while young compared to some European capitols like Paris, or London, is rich in history. Global Adventuress was thrilled to have a weekend there to explore, eat and soak in the culture that makes up this district. Washington D.C. was made a district under article one, section 8 of the Constitution of the United States. There is a specific pride and culture of the people there, hard working and eager to make their voice heard– the motto on each licensed vehicle in DC is “Taxation without representation”. Despite one’s political affiliation, you can go throughout the monuments, museums and national buildings and feel the voices of freedom ringing. Here our our Washington D.C. Travel Tips!

Since Global Adventuress only had 72 hours to see the city, a wise selection of activities and meals had to be included. Nothing was a disappointment and only made us excited for the next time we can come back and visit more of what we missed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

washington dc travel tips

Travel in Washington D.C.

There are multiple airports close, and most include a train ride right into the city. We would definitely recommend getting a metro card that you can use to hop on and ride around the national mall as well as into Virginia and Maryland. Parking is limited within the city and even if you just use the train to get into the city there are bikes, scooters and plenty of options to quickly get around.

washington dc travel tips

The National Mall is an area that covers over 146 acres and can be daunting cause you really do not want to miss a single part of it. In comes Capital Segway.

washington dc travel tips

Capital Segway

Capital Segway is the way to see it all. Just a block away from the White House you enter, maybe a little nervous about learning something new, the staff is so welcoming and eager to prepare you for the ride ahead. After a brief but comprehensive training you get to head out with your guide and group. The guides really are experts that quickly make you feel confident as you ride and it’s just pure fun. They proceed to take you through each park and around the monuments, sharing stories and facts about the construction and design of each one. Monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Capital Building are all included. The guides are able to share information about each museum as well– so appreciated them sharing what current exhibits were a must see. The tour lasts about 2.5 hours and is the perfect introduction to the city.

washington dc travel tipswashington dc travel tips

Definitely would recommend doing it in the morning or early afternoon and then being able to take the information and go see the monuments you really found interesting up close after. This is a must and we will do it again when we come back.

 washington dc travel tipswashington dc travel tips

Must See Museums

  1. Renwick Gallery

2. Museum of Natural History

washington dc travel tips

3. Museum of National Art

4. Steven Udvar Hazy Air and Space

5. The National Zoo was another favorite stop outside of the National Mall and downtown DC area. It was gorgeous to walk through and perfect if you need to get the kids out and walking after visiting a museum.

washington dc travel tips

A good travel tip for the Washington DC area is that the bikes and scooters available for rent within downtown DC are ones you can take outside to Virginia and Georgetown so if you don’t want to rent a car but still see a lot of the city, there are so many great options.

Tips for Eating in D.C.

With all the different cultures that make up DC the food is top notch. Our tip for eating is to ask the locals or your guide from Capital Segway. They have great recommendations and we found most of our favorite eats just outside of DC.

  1. 7th Hill Pizza (Metro Stop closest : Eastern Market)

washington dc travel tips

2. Jinya Ramen Bar

3. Founding Farmers (Metro Stop closest : Farragut West)

4. Le Pain Quotidein

Fun Outside of Washington D.C.

Since DC borders Virginia and Maryland we had to take a stop to see these beautiful states. Here is another few favorites as you travel outside of Washington DC.

  1. Great Falls Park — This is a gorgeous park that walks along the canal built by George Washington. Make sure to start on the Maryland side as it is a part of a National Park and you’ll see a lot more

washington dc travel tips

washington dc travel tips

Address Here:
11710 MacArthur Blvd.
Potomac MD 20854

2. Livin’ the Pie Life –in Arlington VA! One of the food highlights of the trip. This shop has everything from whole dessert pies, mini savory pies, hand pies, scones, cookies and warm cinnamon rolls. This is a must!

3. Georgetown Park — Great place to eat some yummy food, shop, sit next to the Potomac and see the rowing teams, families of ducks all out enjoying life.


What are you favorite places in the Washington D.C. area? Or do you have a great tip for anyone visiting, comment below!


A huge thank you to the staff at Capital Segway for hosting our segway tour. The guides were excellent and the owner Rep will make sure you have a positive experience. See there website here for more information on booking your tour today.

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