Recipe: Suzanne Somer’s Summer Salad

By Joyce Rey

This is a recipe for a fantastic salad that Suzanne made for me.  She has written 9 cookbooks and is so multi-talented.


The ingredients are  from her personal organic garden.  This salad was incredible and she was kind enough to send over the recipe!

Suzanne Somer’s Summer Salad


4 or 5 leaves kale

Half of a small green cabbage

About 10 snow peas

One quarter of a small red onion

One sweet red pepper

One sweet yellow pepper

Several leaves of your favorite lettuce ( I love butter or especially limestone if available)

Handful fresh dill

4 or 5 leaves basil

Several fresh mint leaves

2 cloves garlic, minced

Olive oil ( about 3 or 4 spoons)

Fresh squeezed lemon

Sea salt

Fresh cracked pepper

Fresh goat cheese ( about1/4 cup, crumbled )

The key to this salad is slicing everything into small slices and pieces. I slice the kale and cabbage into thin almost shredded slices.

Same with the red onion. Slice and cut peppers into small pieces Cut peas into small pieces. Mint, basil and dill torn into small pieces , Lettuce torn into small pieces.

Can be made an hour or two in advance in a wooden salad bowl including adding garlic, put in fridge with a damp paper towel over the top.

The olive oil, lemon, sea salt , cracked pepper are added and tossed at the last minute. Start slowly tasting for desired saltiness and lemon.

The very last thing to add is the goat cheese. This has to be gently added at last moment otherwise is gets too soft and messy.

Serve immediately

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