2017 Summer Travel Bucket List

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summer travel bucketlist

Summer Travel Bucket List

Ready for the summer of 2017? Having spent many summers traveling, Global Adventuress has created a list of our top recommendations for your summer bucket list. We understand that every budget, and circumstance is different but hopefully you can find something to fill each of our bucket list ideas this summer! Here’s our Summer Travel Bucket List.

1. A Water Adventure

Whether it’s whitewater rafting or a new waterpark, an ocean cruise or a day at the beach; make sure you enjoy some of the extra sun time in the water! Here are some of our favorites from past summers.

Cannon Beach, Oregon Getaway

Trip to Norway Fjords

summer travel bucketlist

Whitewater Rafting in Montana 

summer travel bucketlist

2. Hometown Highlights

Having travelled around the world, there truly is no place like home. Each hometown has something to offer and someone to support. So take the time to get out and try your local farmers market, visit a local salon or museum! Global Adventuress originates from the beautiful PNW in Seattle Washington. Here are some of the must sees in Seattle!

Seattle to B.C. –Things to see and do!

summer travel bucketlist

Sailing in Seattle

summer travel bucketlist

Family Fun in Seattle

3. Nature Hikes

Continue to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather by spending some time out hiking. Global Adventuress has shared hikes from around the world, here our some of our favorite summer hikes from the desert to the tropics!

Raiatea Hike and more!

summer travel bucketlist

Utah Hikes

summer travel bucketlist

4. A Nighttime Spectacular

The summer nights spend under the star are truly memorable! We definitely recommend a firework show, drive in, or a watching a sunset with loved ones for your summer bucket list!

Best of Amalfi Coast and Naples

summer travel bucketlistsummer travel bucketlist

5. Something Daring and New!

A Global Adventuress is one who is willing to step outside their comfort zone and experience something new. Summer is a perfect time to take on that spirit of adventures and try you haven’t before. Global Adventuress has pushed the boundaries many times, in many ways, here are some of our highlights. Hopefully you can find a little inspiration to get out and be your own global adventuress!

Top Things to do in Abu Dhabi

summer travel bucketlist

Victoria Falls Bungee Adventure

summer travel bucketlist

Culinary Adventures in Vancouver

summer travel bucketlist

Don’t let your budget limit your chance for an adventure, there’s something for any budget! Recently published on Forbes, here is a list of some of the top cheapest travel destinations, three from yours truly!


Here’s to a great summer 2017. Share what is on your list for the summer below!


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