Top Getaways for Girlfriends

Having been on many amazing trips with girlfriends.  We wanted to share some of our top girlfriend getaways and a few tips along the way

1. Greece

Mama Mia anyone? It wouldn’t be a top girls trip list without it. Here our is our recommendations for Greece. Obviously incredible ocean views are a must when coming up with the best adventure filled days with your girlfriends.

2. Vancouver

top girls trip

This PNW gem is a must for any girls who love good food, beautiful greenery and a perfect spa! Every girl loves something delicious, check out the tasty treats we found here.

3. Mexico

top girls trip

There is something about experiencing new things with friends that makes something that much more memorable. Experiences build friendships and what better time then on your next girls trip to grow closer and stronger.

4. Whidbey Island

top girls trip

Girls love some old fashioned charm, good food and of course beautiful views. This small island will win your heart and become a place you’ll want to come back to every year!

5. Dubai

top girls trip

This may not be a girls first pick but it will be as soon as you’ve been there once. Amazing shopping can entice any woman. This city in the desert truly has it all–beaches, spa, food, shopping, and plenty of adventure!

Where did you go on your last girls trip? Comment below and share more ideas with our readers.

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