Seychelles History

When British explorers first discovered the remote Seychelle Islands in the 1700’s, they all consented that they had uncovered the Garden of Eden on earth.  Since then, the Seychelles hasn’t changed much, with relatively little development and influence from the West. 

seychelles history

They’ve managed to preserve both their unique culture and one-of-a-kind natural beauty that is unlike any other family of islands in the world.  Little known fact: the Seychelles  has the smallest population of any African nation, but also the highest Human Development Index in Africa.

Those who reside in Europe or the Middle East are at a true advantage when it comes to traveling to the  Seychelles, with an easy 4 hour direct flight from Dubai. Those coming from the United States have a significantly longer travel time….but travel time that we found well worth it, as once you arrive you truly feel as if you have been transported into another world, and all memories of a long and uncomfortable journey are quickly erased!

seychelles history

The Islands

There are several islands that one can visit while on the Seychelles – the most popular ones being the main island, Mahe, Praslin, Des Roches, and La Digue.  If the more exclusive and off-the-beaten-path destination is more your style, many small islands house their own 6-star ultra luxury resorts – Fregate Island, North Island, and St. Anne Island to name a few (North Island is where Will & Kate honeymooned).  The less developed islands – La Digue being one of them – transports you back 100 years with the only means of transport being on bicycles through dirt roads.  Praslin is a must for your Seychelles itinerary, being home to the UNESCO Hertiage Sight the Valley de Mai – the only place in the world where one can see the double coconut in nature.  This natural specimen is still a mystery to scientists , as it does not exist anywhere else in the Seychelles or in the world!

The terrain in the Seychelles is truly distinct as it is one of the only set of granite islands in the world (most island formations are lava islands).  The pictures below display the striking granite formations that juxtapose against the white sand beaches and turquoise waters –  a sight that pauses you in your barefoot tracks upon first viewing.  seychelles historyWhichever island you find yourself on, prepare to have your breath taken away by indescribable, awe-inspiring natural surrounds that will afford a new level of appreciation for the beauty of this earth. With pleasantly tropical and consistent weather year-round, bathwater temperature waters, world-class diving, non-existent crowds, and a long list of explorations and adventures on tap, this Indian Ocean family of islands stands out as a reigning queen amongst its peers (Maldives, Mauritius, Reunion).  Finding yourself (and possibly your loved one at your side) all alone on a powder-soft white sand beach looking out into the transparent jade waters can only be described as an enlightened and transformative experience. – put this destination at the top of your list!   seychelles history