Recently, Global Adventuress was invited for a tour at Rosebud River Ranch located in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley of Washington.  We knew we arrived to a special place as we listened to the Story of the Ranch from its’ owner Pepper Schwartz -see story below.  Pepper’s love for horses grew, and she knew she needed a serene place to breed, board, and train them.  She has a supportive staff, experienced trainers, and opens up her ranch for Corporate Retreats as well.


To read about the Rosebud River Ranch Story and the services provided at the Ranch, here’s some information from where you can go for more information.


Rosebud River Ranch is a premiere, full-service boarding, breeding and training facility and a corporate retreat destination.   The ranch, including the barns, pastures and lodge, is located just  30 miles from downtown Seattle and about 20 minutes east of Bellevue along the I-90 route.

We offer the following services:

1.  Breeding. We have our own mares and stallions. We breed in the Spring following foaling season and typically produce 1-2 babies each year

2.  Boarding. Our facility is among the finest in King County with beautiful, clean stables, large pastures with turn-in sheds,  first-rate staff supervision and  immediate access to unlimited, forested riding trails in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. The mountain views from the ranch and trails are magnificent.


3.  Training.  Training is available for both English and Western specialties to both horses and riders, separately or together.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to talk in person about arranging any of these services.

For information about Boarding or Corporate Retreats contact:  Julie Blacklow @ 206.419.6594   email @

The Rosebud River Ranch Story

Rosebud River Ranch began 24 years ago on Vashon Island, WA.  As Pepper’s love for the Rocky Mountain, Mountain Pleasure, and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses grew, so did the need for a larger place to keep them.  The search was on for a more accommodating homestead. The beautiful Snoqualmie Valley beckoned and so the dream continued.  We now have a beautiful 29-stall boarding barn including two tack rooms, a medical room, restroom and an additional tall-stall broodmare barn.  Today Rosebud River Ranch stands in the shadow of Mt. Si, which, for any of you who saw the TV series or movie Twin Peaks, is the mountain you see in the opening shot of the show. In fact, that opening shot was taken from our property!

An article in a magazine led Pepper to the purchase of her first double register MPHA horse, Bodacious Beau (Sunshine Lady x Classy Fella). There is a saying that goes ‘If you buy one, you’ll  want another.’ In other words ‘One is never enough.’ And indeed that has proven true.  Pepper’s herd today averages about 10 horses, with two horses currently for sale.  (Please click on our Sale Horse link to view them.)

Today we have a senior stallion, geldings, broodmares, foals, and are adding several new foals in the coming months. Of course, the actual number of foals changes as we sell some and give birth to others, but you can see the latest information on our ‘Sale Horses’ page, located at the top of this screen.

Over the years, we have developed a first-class breeding operation. Our breeding program emphasizes soundness, size, retention of the classic mountain temperament, refinement, gait and all around eye appeal. While starting out with the signature color–chocolates with flaxen mane and tail–we have found that mountain horses–no matter their color– share the same mind, hearts, and comfortable ride. Color is secondary to the animal.

Almost all of the foals at Rosebud River Ranch are from our own stallion, Rocky Morgan, and several of our boarding horses came from RRR Bellagio, who was gelded in 2003.  Rocky Morgan (Aa) is chocolate with dark flaxen mane and tail,
15hh, and is double registered Rocky Mountain and Mountain Pleasure (and soon, Kentucky Mountain, giving him a triple registry). He is beautifully gaited and passes along the gait, as well as his wonderful disposition, to his offspring.
The majority of Morgan’s offspring are chocolate. Morgan is a steady, easy-going horse that is well trained for trail-riding and always ready to go.  He is as kind a stallion as exists in the breed and is happy to be used as a lesson horse – even with very young children.

While our herd is small in number, it is very high in quality. Our mares are registered with the MPHA, KMSHA, and/or the RMHA. Morgan is available for breeding to certified Rocky Mountain and certified Mountain Pleasure mares
with consideration to quality mares of other breeds.

We love visitors and usually have some foals, yearlings and adult horses for sale. Our Rosebud River Ranch staff is at your disposal to show you around our facilities and to introduce you to our beautiful ranch and horses. Contact us to set up a visit or to ask us any questions.  We would love to hear from you!

Pepper Schwartz, Owner