Donna’s Dispatch from the Country of Georgia

Traveling the Country of Georgia

Global Adventuress just received an update from Donna and Don who just finished a bus tour of Georgia.  Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus Region of Eurasia, located adjacent to the Black Sea, and just south of Russia.

travel country of georgia

Her photos give us a glimpse of their extensive travels through Tbilisi, to the Villages of Signagi and Mtskheta where Christianity was introduced in 337 AD, and onto the rivers of Kura and Arugri, and all the way to Mt. Kazbek, the highest peak in the Caucasus.

Enjoy these amazing travel photos of the country of Georgia!

travel country of georgia

      travel country of georgiatravel country of georgia


They traveled with a group through MIR,, and they saw UNESCO sites, 17th c. Fortress, Monasteries, Cathedrals, visited local markets, enjoyed local entertainment, and learned about the rich history of Georgia, including the dark years of Stalin.