Rugged, wild, pristine, soulful, vast are a few words to describe the “home” we all came from – Namibia.   According to scientists, recent DNA studies confirm that our ancestors originated from this country in southwestern Africa.   This means our genes can be traced to the oldest population in the world, the San “Bushmen” nomadic hunter-gatherers.

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In our “Eden”, you will find deep rooted tribal cultures, desert-adapted wildlife, vast conservation areas, soulful landscapes, and the world’s tallest sand dunes in the oldest desert on earth.  Namibia breathes beauty.  “Leave nothing but your footprints!” is Namibia’s one request when you visit their country.  Our guide told us, “We are custodians of our country, and this is our way of thanking nature.”  Namibia protects their country and considers this their gift to nature.

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There are so many activities to experience in Namibia including:  climb 900 foot sand dunes in an ancient desert, hear Namibia’s successful conservation story, learn how Namibia’s wildlife adapt to their environment, and what Namibia is doing to protect and grow populations of lion, rhino, and elephant.  Meet the Namibia Himba tribes, bushmen, and local people.  See the oldest rock art sites in the world.  Track black rhinos on foot in the wild!

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Click on the links to these articles below to help plan your trip to Namibia.

  • The Kalahari, Soul of the World – Bushmen of South Africa call the largest sand mass on earth, the ‘Soul of the World”, out of respect for its mysterious and majestic formations that are sculpted by Mother Earth’s winds.

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  • Namibia’s Lion Hero – a leading lion expert, who has spent years in the wild with desert lions to protect lion populations and help locals co-exist with these big cats.

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  • Children in the Wilderness – a program sponsored by Wilderness Safaris that creates opportunities for children who live in remote and wild areas to learn about conservation and caring for their land, wildlife, and our planet.


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  • Namibia’s Erindi Private Game Reserve – there is an abundance of wildlife at this reserve.  We saw a bull elephant feeding on the local flora, a black rhino eyeing us suspiciously as we invaded his space and more!

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If you want to be entertained by some videos during our travels in Namibia, click on YouTube Global Adventuress to watch baby elephants in the Huab or the staff at Kulala Desert Lodge welcome guests.

For more information on Namibia including the Erongo Region, Swakopmund, Skeleton Coast, Etosha National Park, the Caprivi Strip, or the World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein, visit:

By Patricia Stone, travel writer and consultant

Photo Credits:  Conservancy Safaris Namibia, Namibia Tourism, Julie Biniasz, Patricia Stone

Acknowledgements:  We would like to thank South African Airlines, Air Namibia, Wilderness Safaris, Conservancy Safaris Namibia, Sense of Africa, Erindi Private Game Reserve, Olive Exclusive, the Namibian Office of Tourism, and ATTA for partially hosting us during our travels in Namibia. 


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Erindi Game Reserve

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If you want to be entertained by some videos during our travels in Namibia, click on YouTube Global Adventuress to watch baby elephants in the Huab or the staff at Kulala Desert Lodge welcome guests.


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