Top 10 Things to Do in Portland

Fun Things to Do in Portland

Portland is known as “America’s Greenest City,” famous for its rose gardens, foodie scene, food trucks, farmer’s markets, yoga classes, bicycles, crazy donuts, eco efforts, riverfront attractions, brunches, books galore, microbreweries, coffee houses, and fabulous Pearl District!

fun things to do in portlandfun things to do in portland

Oregon’s largest city meets both the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, under the watch of Mount Hood.  Visitors and locals enjoy the parks, gardens, bridges, and bike paths throughout the city.

fun things to do in portlandfun things to do in portland

Sharing our list of favorite places to see, things to do, and where to stay & dine in Portland.


Portland’s Top 10 Fun Things to Do

1.       Visit Voodoo Donuts –

Portland has extraordinary donuts, and Voodoo has 50 varieties including their signature Voodoo Doll – raspberry filled doughnut frosted with chocolate icing!  Get there early since lines wrap around the block!

fun things to do in portland

2.       Ride a Bike –

There are plenty of bike trails throughout the city and along the Riverfront. fun things to do in portland

3.       Food Trucks –

Make sure to stop for a bit at one of Portland’s food trucks, located around the city.  Thai, Greek, Mexican…just about any food you’re craving, you’ll find. fun things to do in portlandfun things to do in portland

4.       Visit Powell’s Bookstore – 

This is a one-of-a-kind bookstore with 1 million hardback books.  One of the most well known bookstores in the USA, and a Portland things to do in portland

5.       Shop the Pearl District –

There are lots of shops and boutiques throughout the Pearl District.  If you get tired, there are plenty of cafés to stop, take a break, and people watch. fun things to do in portlandIMG_7545 (400x300)

6.       Stroll the Riverfront –

Stroll the Riverfront or bicycle this path!

7.       Go to a Yoga Class –

We loved Yoga Pearl, and be sure to stay for a meal at their in-house café Prasad.  Delicious and healthy food.

8.       Visit the Portland Art Museum

fun things to do in portland

9.       Stop at Stumptown Coffee House

fun things to do in portlandfun things to do in portland

10.   Carioca Bowls –

Acai Bowls for the Soul!  We stopped in Alberta on our way back to Seattle ,and had our first authentic acai café experience.  Carioca Bowls make the best organic acai bowls topped with fresh local and organic things to do in portland


Heathman Hotel

The historic Heathman Hotel  was built in 1927, and is considered one of the finest luxury hotels in downtown Portland.  Greeted by the Beefeater doorman who attends to your immediate arrival needs, and reception where guests are offered sparkling water and/or wine, where you can admire some of the exquisite artwork from the Vanderbilt Estate in the Tea Court.  After this wonderful welcome, we were escorted to our luxurious rooms and suites. 

IMG_7462 (400x300)IMG_7457 (400x300)

Our suite was beautifully decorated, clean and comfortable.  Classy and Modern.

IMG_7498 (400x300)IMG_7455 (400x300)

Centrally located, you can walk to the Portland Museum of Art or shop downtown within minutes.  The Pearl District is about a 10-minute walk.  Don’t Miss! Visit the library in the hotel where there are 2,700 volumes signed by the authors.   


Andina – Owner Doris Rodriguez de Platt and her family are from Peru and are sharing their flavors of La Cocina Criolla in the Pearl District at popular Andina.  One of the leading Peruvian restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, Andina’s presents Novo Andean Cuisine – traditional recipes with a modern twist.

IMG_7526 (400x300)IMG_7535 (400x300)

Doris stopped at our table and shared, “We celebrate our family’s Andean roots, interweaving the ideas and techniques of both Criollo and Novo-Andean cuisines.  As a cultural ambassador, Andina’s mission is to prepare both a table and a feast around which all guests can gather and find the warmth and richness of the Peruvian spirit in its truest forms. The dishes and flavors carry stories of their own; as do the music and art.”

We dined on smaller plates, tapas of Peru from potatoe quinoa fries to dip in passionfruit, peanut and jalepeno sauces, cerviches and the traditional lamb shank dish.  Amazing dining experience!  Make a reservation since this restaurant gets packed, even on a Monday night.

Harlow – if you’re vegan and gluten-free, you’ll love harlow!  Yumminess….


Travel Acknowledgements

Global Adventuress thanks Heathman Hotel and Andina for hosting us during our stay – thank you!

fun things to do in portlandIMG_7717 (400x300)fun things to do in portland

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