Dubai Launch! First Middle East Female-Only Travel Agency

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Dubai launches Middle East’s first female-only travel firm

The Middle East’s first female-only travel company – The World At Her Feet – has launched in Dubai providing travel experiences “designed by women for women”.

The company said it plans to offer trips for women who are “too shy to travel alone, to experience world-class tours with other women” and is a chance for women to “discover themselves as they discover the world.”

The World at Her Feet works in partnership with the ‘Girls on the Go Club’ –  a female travel club which launched in 2008 and has so far completed over 53 trips around the world, Hotelier Middle East reported on Tuesday.

Paulomi Bhatti, founder of the company told the website: “Ever since I can remember, I have been bitten by the travel bug. So the idea began to grow of how I could somehow base my work around travelling. With that in mind I started searching for like-minded people and met Piya Bose, the owner and founder of Girls On The Go Club. Together, we decided to start ‘The World at Her Feet’ targeting women travellers in the Middle East.”