Sign up & Celebrate! Announcing Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou

Announcing Elles:  Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou!   This exhibit will provide an international survey of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation by pioneering women artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) will host an unprecendented set of exhibitions and programs showcasing the creative and enduring spirit of women artists throughout the world, Elles opening at SAM October 11th!  SAM will be the only venue for this exhibition.  elles@Seattle will feature a reinstallation of SAM’s modern and contemporary galleries through a series of exhibitions highlighting women artists from important local private collections and SAM’s permanent collection.

We saw a sneak preview last night and this exhibit will bring incredible art to Seattle, and elles will provide a unique opportunity for the community to come together to celebrate women in a deep and meaningful way.  Beyond SAM, community partners and other organizations will produce programming covering a variety of women’s themes to join in the celebration of this landmark exhibition.

Global Adventuress has signed up as Elles:GlobalAdventuress to honor female artists!  Join us in celebrating Elles!

Here are some ways to learn more about Elles and how you can get involved in this celebration of women – contact George Nunes, and sign up!