Do You Need a Mental Vacation? Here are 5 Signs…

Do you need a Mental Vacation?
5 Signs You Know it’s Time to go on a Yoga Retreat
By Silvia Mordini

Seasonal transitions—like the one we are experiencing now—can easily over-stimulate our Winter-heavy, hibernating minds. An energetic, Spring shift is taking place. As a result, we may feel overwhelmed by pressing decisions for the coming season and beyond. This creates mental fatigue, which can negatively impact the choices we make.

We are constantly surrounded with choices, some healthy, some less so. We can put these choices into two big buckets: reacting or responding. At first glance, they seem similar, but in reality, they aren’t even close. Which are you doing more lately?

What is Reacting?
Reacting is that out of control feeling that eats up our energy. It is where we are too caught up in the details to understand the situation. Examples of over-reacting include excessive worry and anger. It usually also includes regret (this comes later).

What is Responding?
Responding calmly and mindfully happens when we are fully in charge of our feelings. We see the big picture, and waste no energy. “Respond” comes from two root words: Re- meaning “back,” and Spondere meaning “to pledge.” So, responding means to step back and consciously choose which action when we want to pledge ourselves to for the healthiest outcome.

If you find yourself reacting a lot, then you may be the perfect candidate for a mental vacation. Are you exhibiting these signs? If so, then a Yoga Retreat could be just right for you.

5 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat
1. Your control freak tendencies are driving your friends and loved ones crazy.
2. Insomnia is taking over. You’re having trouble sleeping, either getting to sleep or staying asleep.
3. You are feeling indecisive about even the smallest decisions.
4. You are over-reacting, or your responses are not in proportion to the situation.
5. You are distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for very long.

If someone you love has been showing these signs, then be sure to recommend a yoga retreat—or better yet, take them along with you! Yoga wakes us up so we can be more present to the choices being presented. With practice, we learn about our old ways of reacting, “our habits” and can instead pledge ourselves to create healthier habits. We can re-learn how to respond with less drama. In this way, we no longer trigger fight or flight response and instead remain calm. The sympathetic nervous system remains easeful and the mind finds quiet. The benefits pay forward long after you return home. As you continue to practice yoga, you will find that you can maintain this restful nature in your mind long after the retreat is over. Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia