Women You Should Know – Celebrate The Global Adventuress in Us All

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Global Adventuress was written up by Women You Should Know – article and link below.

Women’s Travel Site Celebrates The Global Adventuress In Us All

By WYSK, June 11, 2013

If you are a woman who LOVES to travel – solo, with family, friends or a group – then you need to check out Global Adventuress before your next trip. The site, launched in 2011, is designed for female explorers of all ages, interests and aspirations.

Packed with articles and envy-inducing photos, it’s a place to get travel information and resources as well as a place to share your own global adventures and vacation experiences with others.


Gearing up for a trip? Head to the “Getting Ready” section where you’ll find posts on what books and music to take, as well as info on what and how to pack. You can also get the insider’s scoop on tour companies, travel consultants and insurance.

What to do or see before you die? The “Experiences” tab lets you explore travel options by the specific types of activities you want to do (canoeing, snorkeling, ziplining, etc.). You can also check out global festivals, instructional trips (i.e. cooking) and relaxation (i.e. spa) options.

GA site post

Where in the world to go? Head to the “Destinations” section, which breaks down trip locales by area and continent.

To maintain that global community feel, Global Adventuress encourages women to submit their own travel stories and photos, highlights from trips, favorite world recipes, books to read, and/or causes to support. They say, “sharing our stories builds ‘bridges’ of understanding, and inspires us to become more culturally and globally aware.”

There’s a whole exciting world to explore and this site may just help you better navigate it.


The article Women’s Travel Site Celebrates The Global Adventuress In Us All, is available at http://www.womenyoushouldknow.net/tech-tuesday-womens-travel-site-celebrates-the-global-adventuress-in-us-all/

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