By Patricia Stone – June 5, 2013

Have you ever been to a Hotel that just “gets” what you need?  Staying at a hotel that understands your needs is a welcome relief.  I was in town for TBEX, the conference mecca for travel writers and bloggers, and stayed in the heart of Yorkville at The Park Hyatt Toronto.

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The Park Hyatt Toronto knows what women need and want.  How did they figure this out?

In February, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts announced results from a survey they conducted to get to know their customers better.  The findings revealed insights from women that inspired them to launch new amenities and services.

Sara Kearney, Hyatt’s senior VP was quoted in USA Today, “As we started digging, we found that the richest area of opportunity was to focus more on what we were hearing from women. You could tell there were passion points that would make a bigger impact for women, and that men would probably appreciate them as well.”   Click here for USA Today article 

Here are some of the insights from the survey and other sources that affirm the importance of catering to the needs of all guests – men and women.

1.  Women travel more than ever!  In 2012, 63% of 100,000 US passengers were women – booked by Intrepid Travel, compared with a global figure of 64%.  Personal and business travel can be exhausting.  If we can feel somewhat “at home” in our travels, it helps us maintain our daily workout and healthy eating routine, reduce stress, and maybe even relax.

2.  Women juggle a lot!  It’s a balancing act to balance domestic duties on the home front with the demands of professional jobs.  Hundreds of daily demands add up and takes a toll.  Arianna Huffington called out on the June 5, 2013 Today Show that “women internalize stress more”, and stress is driving up heart rate disease among women.  During my stay at the Park Hyatt, The Globe and Mail featured an article series “It’s Not Going To Clean Itself – Chore Wars“.  Another reminder of how much responsibility women take on.  We don’t need to juggle more when we travel.

Mom Daughter  Balance

3.  Women like to be heard.  We like a hotel that is proactive and makes an effort to anticipate our needs, tune in and listen to any room issues or requests we may have.

4.  And Women like to listen.   We listen to what people think and word-of-mouth recommendations are important to us.  Did you know that “over 80% of those working women who purchased travel products or services offline in the past month researched their purchases online beforehand.”  Sources: Nielsen Net Ratings/ and  Making wise hotel, airline, and travel choices helps to determine if we have a positive travel experience.

5.  Women like to have choice.  We appreciate healthy menu options, and “just the right” kind of pillow.  There’s a Goldilocks in some of us, and most of us know if there’s “a pea under the mattress.”

Within months of these findings, the Hyatt is responding by providing these services and ways to meet more of their customer’s needs. 

1.  Stillwater Spa a World Class Spa – this spa is sanctuary and well-known as a local’s favorite escape.  I left this spa smelling like orange blossoms after my much needed head to toe Moroccan Rhassoul Wrap.  This body treatment included a detoxifying black olive soap exfoliation, rhassoul clay wrap, and tangerine blossom essence to rejuvenate me.


2.  Forgot Something?  There’s a  List of items that you can borrow or buy.  It’s reassuring to know you can get a power charger if you forgot it.  Also, I don’t like to pack my shampoo, conditioner, and it’s nice to know that Hyatt has hotel bath products with a nod from dermatologist Dr. Kenet and spa guru June Jacobs.  The Park Hyatt stocks Le Labo amenities.  My room was even pre-stocked with make-up & nail polish remover.   Orson and Diana, the hotel concierges, tuned into my needs and were prompt to deliver anything I might need – bottle of water, dinner reservations to a yoga mat.

Park Room

3.  Meditation Tips Hyatt has a blog with meditation tips to help their customers have a good night’s rest and healthy start for their day.


4.  Healthy Balanced Meals – Annona, named for the Roman Goddess of Harvest, is the in-hotel restaurant, and provides light menu choices and customizable meals, including create-your-own option. “We believe that our guests should have easy access to healthy and delicious choices when travelling,” says Executive Chef Joan Monfaredi.  I started my day with the watermelon, citrus, mint smoothie and the healthy balanced signature breakfast.  For dinner, my server accommodated my request for a small portion of the sea bass and vegetables.  My values align with the Hyatt’s industry-leading food and beverage philosophy, Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.

Healthy  Healthy meal

5.  Maintaining a Familiar Routine – to stick with a daily workout routine, the concierge can help with a running map so you can get out and explore the city, provide a personal yoga mat to use in the  room, or there’s always the gym.

Workout  Workout

6.  Location!  An added bonus to the services above, Park Hyatt Toronto is central to art galleries, shops, boutiques, restaurants, museums in the center of Yorkville.  The view from the legendary Roof Lounge overlooks the Toronto skyline, and many guests and locals enjoy coming here.  Joe the bartender is a legend having been managing the Rooftop Terrace bar for 53+ years and makes every guest feel welcome.


With 335 elegant guest rooms, including the Sarah Richardson-designed Pink and Blue suites and the 2,500 square feet Algonquin Suite, there are a range of rooms and suites to choose from to fit your style and make you feel at home.

“At Park Hyatt Toronto we have always taken great pride in ensuring that when our guests arrive at our hotel, they experience a sense of familiarity synonymous with walking into their home,” said General Manager Bonnie Strome.

The one-size for all guests is over.  When you go to the hotel restaurant, you don’t have to settle for a rack of lamb or 32 oz. prime rib.  When you go for a workout, you don’t have to try and lift a 10 lb dumbbell, since you can opt for the 2 lb weights.  There are feminine bath products, and the scent is neutral and fresh, so you don’t smell like men’s aftershave.

I’m sure there are many men who also appreciate the research that Hyatt has made, so whether you’re a girl or a guy, we all have more choices and services available to us.  Making efforts to understand the female audience really benefits us all.

For reservations visit:

Click here to visit the newly launched Hyatt Women’s Experience where you will find the blog, meditation tips, and other ways the Hyatt caters to women and supports communities surrounding them.

Thank you Park Hyatt Toronto for partially hosting my stay and “getting” what I need.

Photo credits:  Park Hyatt Toronto

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