Get Smart with Art at The MET

Having a family of four boys (ages 15, 14, 11, 7) with varying degrees of attention span and none with an active interest in art, I wondered how to navigate the overwhelming Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC during our holiday trip.

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  • I wanted to expose them to the treasures of the MET
  • I wanted our time to be interesting
  • I wanted it to be informative
  • I didn’t want to miss anything my boys would love
  • I didn’t want to be there more than 2 1/2 hours
  • I didn’t know how I was going to do this!

Well, I got smart about art, and Art Smart came to the rescue!

Joanna met us with our tickets at the entrance to the Met and gave us a private family museum tour.

In just about 2 hours time, our boys uncovered the treasures of Egypt, mummies and tombs.  They were wrapped with Joanna’s explanation about the authentic after-life models of boats and people that the Pharoahs were buried with.

We experienced the peace of the Chinese Zen Garden and learned about Chinese poetry and painting.  We travelled to Pompeii, then walked among the statues of Hercules, Perseus and Medusa, and others while learning their story and history.

One of our favorite exhibits was the armour.  Who would have known there were so many kinds…battle, parade, jousting…oh my!  I saw the boys’ imaginations take them back to that era and put them on a horse, with a lance, galloping at 30 mph!

And…we made it back to America with Washington crossing the Delaware and other inspiring artwork from Early American artists.

Joanna was well informed, mentally flexible to relate trivia and history on a way that captured my boys attention, and fluent in getting around the MET in no time flat.

Thank you Joanna and Art Smart!  Art mission accomplished!

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By:  LaDawn Murphy Stone

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