Why Visit Iran Now?

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Why Visit Iran Now?

Chosen By: Patricia Stone, founded Global Adventuress www.GlobalAdventuress.com. She’s traveled to 164 countries, and seeks out unique, off the beaten path destinations for solo, girlfriends, couples & family travel. Her award-winning site has been featured in Forbes, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Star & USA Today.

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Why:  Iran welcomes everyone with the best hospitality.  We visited Iran in 2018, and the people are some of the friendliest in the world!  Right now is the best time to visit since the US dollar is even stronger than when we visited, and there are amazing values.

Step back into Ancient Persia where Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan ruled.  The architecture with colorful tiled-walls, domes and minarets are stunning.

Visit Iran for as low as $1,314 with on a 7-day private guided tour or opt for a 14-day trip for $2,396.  Prices vary depending on which customized tour you want.  We created our itinerary with local agent Mozhgan Zare from Let’s Go Iran. Be sure to include places like Tehran, Kerman, Yazd, Shiraz, Isfahan & other ancient Persian cities dating back to the 6th century BC.  Flights are as low as $785 from JFK to Tehran.

What to Do?  This culturally rich country opens their doors to palaces, mosques, 13th century bazaars, elaborate gardens, squares, elegant mansions, baths, archaeological & one of its 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Persepolis.  The landscape is diverse with jungles, waterfalls, oasis gardens & deserts. Go rug shopping and buy a locally made rug Black Tent Carpet and Kilims in Isfahan.  Engage with warm-hearted Iranians whenever you can.

Hungry/Thirsty?  Persian cuisine is savory and full of flavors.  Taste traditional dishes like Fesenjan (Persian Pomegranate Chicken), Ghormeh Sabzi (Iran’s popular stew with greens & beans), Tadeeg (crispy rice flavored with saffron), local breads like Lavash flat bread & Sangak.  Snack on local apples, nuts, apricots & plums.   Don’t forget!  Buy Gaz and Iranian Candy in the bazaar and share a cup of tea with the locals.

Where to Stay?  There are very nice hotels as well as traditional houses where guests stay that are included in the tour price above.

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