Journey to the End of the World– Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

At the southern tip of Argentina is the town Ushuaia, otherwise known as the End of the World.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel   Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

It’s an adventure hub where many hikers, skiers, kayakers and sailors converge, and it’s the southernmost port for many ships leaving for Antarctica.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

As we arrived by cruise ship, we could see the steep streets and colorful buildings at the base of the snowcapped Andes mountain range.

We saw Ushuaia by helicopter and were spellbound by its natural beauty!

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel   Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

Here are some ideas of things to do and places to dine while visiting Tierra del Fuego.

Things to Do & Places to Eat

#1 Take a Helicopter Flight with Heliushuaia!

At the top of our list is the helicopter ride with Heliushuaia – a great way to get oriented at the End of the World!

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel   Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

For a scenic flight over Ushuaia and the southern Andes mountain range, book a reservation click here.  Our excellent Helicopter Pilot Daniel Moreira even landed on top of the mountain range so we could put our feet on top of a mountain and truly experience the beauty of this area.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel   

At the end of our flight, we received certificates from the pilot certifying we flew to the End of the World and the Top of the Andes Mountains.

#2 Walk the Downtown Streets: 

There are lots of souvenir and sporting goods shops, cafes, chocolate stores to visit.  Stop by Abuela Goye Patagonia for a chocolate tasting at San Martin 267. Try some traditional grilled lamb Cordero Fueguino asado at a local restaurant.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel   Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

If you want a traditional pastry or lunch, visit the historic building Ramos Generales, El Almacen and dine inside at Maipu 749.

Mural Art:  Keep a lookout for interesting mural art as you walk the downtown streets — fun but also reflective on the town’s history and native people.


#3 Shop at the Ushuaia Handicraft Fair (Feria Artesanal de Ushuaia):

Just a 5 mins walk from the pier is the Ushuaia Handicraft Fair where you can find a variety of souvenirs and crafts.

#4 End of the World Museum: 

Located on 173 Maipu St, this museum is in a 100 yr old building and explains the history of the Yamana people and Ushuaia culture.

#5 City Bus Tour: 

We didn’t take this tour, but it’s a good option for those who have a difficult time walking up/down steep streets.  It’s a 1 hour tour that starts at Maipu and Lasserre St. and costs about $13 usd (check with the Tourism Office since this is subject to change).

#6 Take the Train to the End of the World:

How many people can say they took the train to the end of the world?  We still can’t say we did, but heard that this elegant antique train ride takes you on a 5 mile ride from the End of the World Station up to the Tierra del Fuego National Park Station.

#7 Ushuaia’s Old Jail:

Many visitors are interested in visiting the old jail since Ushuaia was originally an Argentinean penal colony in the early 1900’s and continued to be a prison outpost until about 1950.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel

#8 Tierra del Fuego National Park: 

Visit this 63,000 hectares national park at the southernmost part of the Andean – Patagonian forest.  There are several trails including the Pampa Alta Trail (3 miles), Costera Trail (5 miles), Hito XXIV Trail (4.3 miles) and the Cerro Guanaco Trail (2.5 miles).  Check with the Tourism Office or National Park for trekking conditions.

#9 Take a Catamaran along the Beagle Channel:

Visit the Sea Lion’s Island and Bird Island, or the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.  Departures at the Tourist Pier (Prefectura Naval & Lasserre St.)

#10 Get Your Passport Stamped! 

Last but a definite must on your travel list for Ushuaia, Argentina. Visit the local post office – a small booth on the pier, and get your passport stamped with End of the World.

Ushuaia, Argentina Travel


Global Adventuress thanks Heliushuaia Helicopters for the media discounted rate.

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