Sign Up to Go! Women’s Southern Italy Epicurean Adventure – October 2017


Sign Up! Women’s Southern Italy Epicurean Adventure

Dates: October 22-31, 2017

Price: From $6,695

Join this trip to Italy!  Located on the “heel of the boot” Puglia is famous for olive oil and the historical influences of the Norman invasions. This lesser-known part of Italy is a fabulous introduction to Southern Italian culture, cuisine and wine.  Seattle-area wine experts, will escort this tour and be joined by a local passionate guide, a Puglia native on this active, fun-filled exploration.  Guide Antonello’s enthusiasm for his homeland is contagious.

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Trip to italyTrip to italy



  • Breadmaking class
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Biking in the Itria Valley
  • Cooking class with master chef
  • Burrata cheese making
  • Puglia hiking
  • Li Veli Winery visit and tasting
  • Sassi Excursion


Journey into the heart of southern Italy on this active, fun-filled exploration of picturesque Puglia just for women. This region is rich with sunshine, charming landscapes, delectable cuisine, and outstanding wines.

Trip to italyTrip to italy

Straddling the Ionian and Adriatic seas, Puglia’s shores are flanked by steep cliffs that overlook the shimmering crystal-clear waters and golden beaches below. Inland Puglia opens to great valleys and gentle hills covered with vineyards, lavish forests, and olive trees.

Trip to italy

Puglia’s openness and rustic charm are reflected in the locals’ welcoming personalities and the communal sharing of food; local dishes are simple yet flavorful and have stood the test of time as they’ve passed from generation to generation.

Puglia’s long and colorful history, spanning Byzantine and Norman occupation, has produced an eclectic mix of architectural and cultural sites like menhirs, cave churches, and medieval castles.

Trip to italy

In Puglia, join the fun – hiking, shopping, tasting, exploring wineries, cycling, and learning to create traditional Pugliese dishes alongside master chefs. 

This Women’s Southern Italy Epicurean Adventure will be guided by Antonello Losito, one of Puglia’s premier guides. Since 2007, Antonello has been sharing his passion for the food, landscape, and culture of Southern Italy with guests. His enthusiasm for the region is irresistible, and his interest in the culinary traditions of this region will ensure you will have an authentic experience. Toast to life in Puglia: salute!


Interested in Going on this Trip?


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