For months, we had talked about getting away from the corporate world and stepping off life’s ever demanding treadmill.  Joannie worked long hours as a stock broker, and Julie was ready to escape the grind of the competitive real estate market.  I was burnt out from years in the tech industry and being digitally connected 24/7.

It was time for us to go somewhere that pampered us, restored us and helped us get grounded again.  Located in Tucson, we found the perfect place to do this – Miraval!

In our first stretching class at Miraval, we watched the sunrise over the Catalina Mountains symbolizing a new beginning for us.  During our 4-day visit, Miraval made every day unique with an endless array of options that would suit our needs.  Joannie was content lounging on a chair by the pool and getting some world-class spa treatments.  Julie enjoyed the variety of activities from yoga to the unique Equine Experience, and hikes through the Catalina Mountain range.  I immersed myself in the self-discovery classes trying to find the “me” that I had left behind during a software product launch last decade, and found more.  Miraval not only helped me rediscover myself, but their specialists and expert instructors led me to some surprising insights as I participated in a few of the 110 life-changing programs.  These programs focus in 9 areas – Breathe, Connect, Create, Dare, Explore, Nourish, Strengthen, Thrive and Unwind.  Miraval’s CEO Steve Case emphasizes this, “The opportunities to learn new things about yourself and the world really are at the center of what makes Miraval so special.” 

We enjoyed our time alone, but we also had time to bond in cooking classes, as well as during a rope challenge course where each of us climbed to the top of a 20+ foot telephone pole and jumped off (harnessed in). 

At the end of each day, we partook of gourmet dinners and shared our experiences from the day.  We saw couples dining close by and some women who visited Miraval solo, and learned many visitors come back every year to get rejuvenated.

Miraval stretched our bodies, minds and spirits and transformed us in our own ways.  If you need to get away from the grind, find some solace and peace of mind, book your reservation at Miraval and go solo, or with a group of friends, sisters, your Mom or your sweetheart: