2013 Year in Review: Reader’s Top Picks!

What a Year!  2013 was full of travels & adventures…here are our top travel picks!

Here’s a list of categories with the most popular 2013 posts & videos selected by our readers.

New Countries for Travel

There are several new countries that readers are interested in exploring in 2014, including Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Namibia, and Belize to name a few.  Here are a few posts that sparked interest.

  Qatar’s Renaissance  Qatar is a conservative Islamic society, and one of the safest places to visit in the world.  Here’s our story about getting lost in a souk, and finding Qatar.

Qatar.Renaissance  Doha.8


The Splendor of Abu Dhabi  Abu Dhabi is spread out across 200 natural islands, including the Saadiyat and Yas islands.  With year round sunshine, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, giant sand dunes, art and culture.

AD.Mosque.2 AD.Viceroy

top travel picks

Abracadabra!  What can Dubai Not Do?  A City that breaks World Records!  The biggest, largest, tallest that have risen out of golden sands.  Overnight, this Gulf oasis now glimmers with vertical cities, palaces in the sky, gold walls, 24-carat gold shoes, ATM’s that spit out gold bars.  Bedouin tales couldn’t have predicted this kind of magic.

BurjKhalifa.1 IMG_5812

top travel picks IMG_5398

Reflections on Myanmar (Burma)  Burma was temples and monks, city markets and small villages. We saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Read more about Janet’s reflections and notes from her travels to Myanmar.

top travel picks Morning Alms Luang Prabang (12)

Find Belize Bliss on Ambergris Caye  There are more than 200 “cayes” along Belize’s coast and the most famous one is Ambergris Caye.  Ready to find some Belize Bliss?

IMG_0605 Dock

Nature’s Best

From Belize to Palau, Mother Nature amazed us, here are some of the top posts readers picked.

Alaska’s Glacial Blue Underworld

Take a look at the incredible photos and videos from a glacier trek to Mendenhall’s “underworld” where we were spellbound by surreal blue ice walls and caves.

top travel picks glacier3

Palau by Air, Water and Land

For some of the best diving in the World, we went to Palau and saw its mushroom-shaped Rock Islands from the air, water, and land.  One of the highlights was visiting Eil Malk island, where we snorkeled in Jellyfish Lake, home to millions of golden jellyfish – ethereal, mind blowing, surreal –  read more here!

top travel picks Heli.1


v Mother Nature Invites You to Belize

Mother Nature displayed an abundance of sights and sounds as we explored the jungles and beaches of this Central American country – Beautiful Belize!  UnBelizeable!

top travel picks Jen1

Best Videos in 2013

Our Top travel picks had to include some video coverage! From flying over the Blue Hole in Belize to the desert sands that border Oman and the Emirates, here are your top picks from 2013.

What Happens on a Desert Safari  You can’t leave Dubai until you’ve been on a Desert Safari, where you will go dune bashing, ride a camel, get a henna, feast on traditional foods, learn some belly dancing moves, and even dress like a Bedouin!

IMG_4173 top travel picks

360 Degrees Around the Great Blue Hole  The best way to see one of the World’s wonders, is to fly around the Great Blue Hole in Belize.  This was most watched video of 2013!

Belize Beauty IMG_0645 (2)

Best “Fearless Friday” Adventures

In 2013, we introduced the “Fearless Friday” videos and stories, here are some of the favorites.

top travel picks


Xico Rappel Ashley.zip

top travel picks entering ice cave

Best Private Island Getaway 

In 2013, we found an amazing private island that awaits you….

Cayo Espanto Awaits You  Want to kayak to a private island just for you?   Where anything you wish….is granted?  It exists!  Come join Global Adventuress as we kayak through the crystal clear Belizean waters to an exotic four acre private island called Cayo Espanto.

top travel picks Cayo meal

Kayak 1

New Global Adventuress Trips in 2014

In 2013, we posted some of the first trips on Global Adventuress.  Take a look and sign up while there’s still space for these incredible life-changing trips in 2014!

In 2013, we posted new trips to Bhutan, South India – click here to see more trips that will be taking place in 2014, including a Discover Arabia Trip to Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Emirates & Qatar!

ayurvedic treatment Bhutan.1

New Trip!  Base Camp Mt. Everest 2014

Come trek with Global Adventuress to Base Camp Mt. Everest!  Our Nepali female staff will join us on the classic route to Everest Base Camp, through Sherpa villages, among some of the highest mountains on earth.  This women’s only trip will include post-trek massage, Nepali cooking class, meeting with local women to discuss social issues, and more.

Ellen-staring-at-a-peak-thumb top travel picks

Group at Kalapathar

Making a Difference – Inspiring Stories in 2013!

Masdar Takes the Carbon Free Challenge  Climb into the future to a city that is going ALL green.  Green technologies, sustainable building materials, solar panels, shaded windows, high-tech wind towers are being tested in Masdar City’s petri dish.

top travel picks IMG_3155

Mandela Lives!  In South Africa’s Masi Township  Ali and Mandy teach us how to share each other’s struggles, hopes, and dreams – true sisterhood lives here!  Their efforts to improve each other’s lives, and so many others in the Masiphumelele Township, are a shining example to all of us.

top travel picks top travel picks

Empowering Women through Adventure Travel Bolsters Local Economies  Adventure travel is one of the most important industries for creating social and economic change.  Take a look at some examples where empowerment for women happens at a grassroots level.

top travel picks Burke.4

Last Post for 2013

36 Hours in Vancouver   A perfect “winter getaway” ….if you have more than 36 hours, head to Whistler for some great skiing!

Vancouver.8 Vancouver.7

Press Coverage in 2013

Global Adventuress received great coverage in 2013, including L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and the Toronto Star.  Click here to see the press articles.

And we are thrilled to announce that USA Today New Media Awards has selected Global Adventuress, www.GlobalAdventuress.com as one of the Top 20 Destination Bloggers!

Hope your enjoyed our readers top travel picks! We can’t wait for next year!


A big thanks to contributing writers & photographers:  Caroline, LaDawn, Karissa, Julie, Jennifer, Victoria, Tricia, Peter, Anne, Steve, Anastasia, Janet, Richard, Gary and Marianne.

top travel picks  IMG_8027 VPDesert ZipWhistler

Take 2.V top travel picks

top travel picks Fly Fishing.1


Cambodia.12 top travel picks

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