Viking Cruise Review

Why go on a river cruise?  We had been on cruises around the world, but never a river cruise.

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Last month, our dream came true and we went on the Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises.  We embarked from Budapest and after cruising 1,000 miles, we disembarked in Amsterdam.  Our Ingvi Longship went through 68 locks, from 1,300 ft to sea level.

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Our 15-day itinerary was masterfully designed, and we were immersed in the cultures in every country we visited from Hungary, Austria, Germany, to the Netherlands.

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Sharing the Top 10 Reasons why you might want to consider a Viking River Cruise in our Viking Cruise review, along with highlights from each of the inspiring destinations we visited along the way.


#1: Makes Traveling Easy & Enjoyable!

Safety, cleanliness, comfort. Our Captain was excellent. He and his crew smoothly navigated the ship through 68 locks between Budapest and Amsterdam. The crew always ensured guests were well looked after, and our rooms were kept immaculate each day.

viking cruise review

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#2: Healthy & Delicious Cuisine:

Fresh, absolutely delicious food prepared by excellent chefs ~ augmented by a fresh herb garden on top deck, fresh fruit and newly baked cookies delivered to your room each day.

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viking cruise reviewviking cruise review

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#3: Smooth Cruising & Beautiful Sights:

We saw several beautiful sights along the Danube, Main, Middle Rhine, Waal and Merwede Rivers, and were able to access villages and visit towns along the way.

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#4: Service:

Impeccable service from every member of the crew.  We received genuine, personal attention before, during, and after the voyage.

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#5: Excursions & Guides:

Excellent, well educated, amiable local guides at each port. We learned a lot about the history and culture everywhere we went.

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#6: Onboard Experiences:

Viking River offers several experiences on board from how to make apple strudel to learning how to speak German. Outstanding language classes, cooking classes, art history lectures and a library aboard the ship.  There was also a violinist who performed on our ship, a local glassmaker presenting his art pieces, and a special Bavarian German dinner where the staff dressed up in traditional costume.  There’s a top deck where we got our walks in while cruising down the river, and some people putted some golf balls at the golf green.

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#7: Intimate Setting & Beautiful Ship:

Our Viking River Ship, the Ingvi, was one of the newer ships designed with understated elegance.  It was sold out with only about 200 passengers on board, and sometimes we felt like we had the ship to ourselves. Plenty of opportunities to have quiet time and space, as well as create new friendships.

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#8: Connect with Local People & Make Friends Onboard:

The Viking River Cruises believe it’s important to create experiences with the local people, so guests can connect and share cultures. We loved the excursions and the activities on board from concerts to culinary evenings to remember.

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#9: Privileged Access:

Doors were opened for us that might not be available to those not on a Viking River Cruise. Viking River introduced us to opportunities that were unique and special, even private tours of the Melk Abbey in Austria, and a tour of a Windmill in the Netherlands.

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#10: The Viking Way!

Viking River Cruises offer cruises that are one-of-a-kind. Not only are their longships equipped with innovative engineering, streamlined design and understated elegance, but the Captain and Crew want to make sure everyone has a comfortable river cruise experience.

viking cruise review

viking cruise review


During our 15-day cruise, we visited 5 countries in Europe and several cities and towns.  With pre and post cruise excursions, you can visit the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

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We’ve highlighted experiences and recommendations in the articles below.

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Downton Abbey Fans!  Important to Note…

If you want to further extend your trip and visit the filming location for Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle, read about our visit, click here!

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Global Adventuress would like to thank Viking River Cruises for hosting our 15-day Grand European Tour from Budapest to Amsterdam.IMG_2834 (400x300)IMG_2869 (400x300)IMG_2783 (400x300)IMG_4996 (400x225)VR 5 (335x400)IMG_2022 (400x300)IMG_5240 (400x300)

Good to Note:  We invited our parents to join us and they paid for their own room.

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