Baie-Comeau, the Heart of a World Biosphere

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Things to do in Baie Cameau

A visit to Baie-Comeau took us back 20,000 years and we found ourselves in the heart of a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Manicouagan Uapishka!?

Things to do in Baie Cameau

It’s staggering to learn about how this area of the world developed and some of the culture treasures that have been created here since.

Here’s our list of recommended places to visit in Baie-Comeau.

What to Do:

  1. Seashell Valley:

    In the middle of the boreal forest, discover a bed of millions of seashells piled in the same pot for over 10,000 years.  There are 3 main seashell banks including the highest one in the world at 10 feet high.  It’s amazing to see how the sea has retracted over time and left this remnant as evidence of what once was.
    Things to do in Baie Cameau

  2. Garden of the Glaciers:

    An excellent center with multi-media shows where you can learn how Baie-Comeau was covered by a glacier 20,000 years ago and what has happened since.  Patrick Pelletier, Marketing Coordinator of Jardin Des Glaciers,  shares the some main learnings from this center:  1.  Nature is bigger than any of us with its own cycles and power.   2.  Our Impact on nature and how our choices can accelerate its deterioration, or slow down its natural erosion.
    Things to do in Baie Cameau

  3. Amelie’s Church:

    Be sure to stop and visit Amelie’s Church as you hit up our list of things to do in Baie-Comeau! where you will see more frescoes than the Sistine Chapel, and some beautiful stained glass.  Created by the renowned Florentine Architect and Painter Guido Nincheri.

    Things to do in Baie Cameau

Travel Resources:

Croisieres Baie-Comeau Cruises:  For more ideas of what to see and do, visit their website.


Global Adventuress would like to thank Croisieres Baie-Cameau Cruises for hosting us on our visit to Baie-Comeau.  Karine and Andre were very helpful introducing us to this fascinating area of the world!

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