Suppanigga Cruise in Bangkok

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Suppanigga Cruise Thailand

The Suppanigga Cruise is a luxury, brand new 40-seat dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok. We enjoyed an authentic Thai 6 course meal with a spectacular view of the city from the Bangkok river. Now we can’t imagine a better introduction into Thailand than the Suppanigga Cruise.

Suppanigga Cruise Thailand

Suppanigga Cruise Dinner Cruise

Suppanigga Cruise Thailand

The food was authentic Thai unlike anything you would be able to try at a local tourist restaurant. It was handmade and served family style in 6 different courses.

We especially loved the mango dessert that they cut into a flower shape. So refreshing and almost too beautiful to eat. This elegant dessert is a perfect symbol of the beauty you can see on a Suppanigga Cruise (see dessert below).

Suppanigga Cruise Thailand

Views of Bangkok

Floating along the river at sundown, we had a spectacular view of several key highlights of the city of Bangkok, Thailand. It was the perfect time of day to travel along the river because we were able to escape the heat of the day and feel a refreshing breeze upon the water. And then we were able to return and see the spectacular lights on skyline!

Suppanigga Cruise ThailandSuppanigga Cruise Thailand

We would highly recommend this cruise to anyone who is interested in visiting Bangkok.

Visit their website to learn more or make a reservation:

Travel Acknowledgements

Thank you to Suppanigga Cruise for hosting us. It was such a beautiful way to experience Thailand.

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