To get started, all you have to do is go “lasso” your lobster!  Chef Jason Adams Caribbean Spiny Lobster Hash is one of the most popular dishes at the Resort.  Yep!  It’s all about Caribbean lobster on Nevis, where lassoing your dinner is a local tradition.

Compliments of Four Seasons Magazine Michelle Pentz Glave, here’s a tasty recipe for Lobster Hash.

Fishing is all very well, but diving for your dinner is an experience reserved for those who are adventurous and ready for a challenge. The Dive and Dine programme at Four Seasons Resort Nevis offers intrepid guests the ultimate payoff—dining on lobster lassoed during an amazing excursion under the sea.

“Nevis is truly a national park on water that offers a varied amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that bloom from the natural volcanic soil. The other beauty to Nevis is the life underwater that you experience personally when you dive and dine.”  Jason Adams Executive Chef

Crowned again with a prestigious AAA five-diamond accreditation, the Caribbean’s Four Seasons Resort Nevis in the West Indies has a new offering for seafood purists: the Dive & Dine.

First, expert diver and Executive Chef Jason Adams or Executive Sous Chef Kai Autenrieth, along with Nevisian dive master Ellis Chadderton of Scuba Safaris Nevis,  take up to six guests on a private charter for an exclusive day of two-tank diving in the waters off St. Kitts and Nevis. Guests spend their time vying to catch lobster the local way – with a lasso.

Divers also spear fish for lion fish and other fresh catch. After the underwater foraging field trip, the group retreats on land and reconvenes for cocktails in a luxury Beach House cabana while a Four Seasons chef swaps our his wet suit for his Chef whites. The chef then leads a cooking demonstration using local produce and ingredients and invites guests to take a turn at the grill, barbecuing their catch of the day. A lavish beachside lunch or dinner follows.

Dive and Dine is for certified scuba-divers, but guests who are staying a week or more can take diving lessons and earn certification right at the Resort, followed by an ocean dive off the its shores.

Not up for a deep-sea adventure? Four Seasons Nevis also offers plenty of gourmet options that you don’t have to catch to enjoy, including Chef Adams’ Caribbean Spiny Lobster Hash with poached egg and Creole hollandaise, a breakfast staple that recently earned compliments from Four Seasons Magazine readers. Here is the recipe.

Caribbean Spiny Lobster Hash 


4 ounces spiny lobster tail, cooked

1 ounce red onion, diced

2 ounces potato, cooked and diced

2 ounces red pepper, diced

1 cup spinach, cleaned

½ cup tomato sauce

2 whole eggs

1 cup white vinegar

4 cups boiling water

Salt and pepper to taste

For Creole Hollandaise Sauce:

1 cup clarified butter

3 egg yolks

2 teaspoons white wine reduction

1 teaspoon hot sauce

For White Wine Reduction:

1 cup white wine

1 bay leaf

1 teaspoon whole white peppercorn

1 shallot, diced

½ cup white wine vinegar

Directions: To make the white wine reduction, bring the white wine, vinegar, bay leaf, pepper and shallot to a boil in a saucepan. After boiling, reduce by half and set aside until needed.

To make the Hollandaise sauce, combine the egg yolks and the reduction in a stainless steel bowl. Holding the bowl over a pot with boiling water, whisk the mixture until fluffy and at least 45 degrees F (7 degrees C). Take the bowl containing the egg yolks and reduction from the heat and slowly add the liquid butter, spoonful by spoonful. Add hot sauce and season to taste. Set this aside, but keep it heated. (Note: You can also use a double boiler.)

Bring the water and vinegar to a boil. Reduce the heat and drop a whole egg into simmering water. Poach the egg for around 3 minutes, until the egg white has softly formed around the egg yolk. In a separate pan, heat butter, adding onions, cooked potato, spinach and red pepper. Cook until golden brown. Add the lobster and toss the entire mixture with tomato sauce. Serve in a warm skillet with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top. Makes 2 servings.

The Dive and Dine section of this article was originally published on Taste.

Compliments of Four Seasons Magazine and Four Seasons Resort Nevis:

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