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Smell the curry, cumin, cardamom in a cooking class in India.  Awaken your chakras with an Ayurvedic massage.  Connect with the local people, and more!

South India is one of the most alluring and exotic destination on Earth, with a dazzling mix of incense and romance, temples and tea, and curry and coconut. Our South India Cuisine & Culture Tour will introduce you to the best of everything here, highlighting the uniqueness of the South with a special focus on food and cooking in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Tea Garden munnar tea estate workers

Arrive in the eastern city of Chennai, and make your way south to Mahabalipuram, home of world renowned stone carvers and ancient stone temples overlooking the Bay of Bengal. Hop a short flight to Tiruchirappalli (or Trichy) , one of Tamil Nadu’s largest cities and visit the impressive Rock Fort which dramatically presides over the town. Drive to Chettinad and visit the foremost temple devoted to Vishnu in the world, Srirangam and learn to cook a traditional Chettinad meal served on a fresh banana leaf. Move your way through Tamil Nadu, to Madurai where you will visit the Meenkshi Amman Temple, which just underwent a very extensive renovation that took nearly a decade. Witness the evening prayers here and feel the energy of this powerful site. Head west over the ghats towards Kerala. Stop in Thekkady where you will take a boat ride on a peaceful lake and taste your way through a spice plantation, peeling cinnamon bark and sampling peppercorns off the vine. Take a cooking class with a Keralan chef at your hotel, and discover the uniqueness of the regional cuisine. Spend a peaceful night aboard a kettuvallum, a traditional houseboat, where you will relax and discover some of the best seafood in South India!

ayurvedic treatment Banana leaf meal at the Bangla

A local family will welcome you into their home, and give you a traditional cooking demonstration and show your their culture and customs. Explore the historically rich town of Cochin, watching local fisherman pull up their nets, and cruising through the centuries old spice markets where Marco Polo once roamed. On your final night, enjoy a special farewell dinner followed by a performance of Kathakali, a spiritual dance. On this trip you will have the opportunity to learn to cook and eat the very best of South Indian cuisine, as well as visit some of the most culturally interesting temples and cities in this 11 day / 10 night itinerary.  Join us November 30 – December 10, 2014.

Kerala Backwaters

-Taste your way through a spice plantation in Thekkady

-Witness India’s best stone sculptors in action in Mahabalipuram

-Visit the largest Vishnu temple in the world in Trichy

-Stay with a local family for a night and learn about their culinary customs and traditions

-Learn insiders tips to Indian cuisine from local chefs


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