How to Help Nepal? Give Responsibly

Nepal Donations

Many people are asking us how they can support the urgent and immediate needs of the Nepal earthquake disaster.   Pray with action and give responsibly.  Here are 7 non-profits that are in Nepal already offering support, and all check out well with Charity Navigator, an online tool that helps vet the rating of charities. nepal donations

  1. (hygiene kits, response teams)
  2. household supplies & shelter kits)
  3. (medical staff and supplies)
  4. (already have sent two cargo planes of shelters and medical supplies, more on the way)
  5. UN World Food Program – (logistics and emergency response teams already in Kathmandu and more on the way)
  6. Maiti Nepal – This is the group headed by Anuradha Koirala, a CNN Hero, who has built a village for the women and girls who’ve been saved from sex trafficking and then shunned by their families and communities. Her compound of Maiti Nepal in Kathmandu is home to hundreds of women and children and it has been heavily damaged. Because they are a fairly small organization, they haven’t updated their site to reflect the good work they are doing, but THEY ARE doing it already.
  7. Friends of Maiti Nepal a U.S. based organization currently raising money to support Maiti Nepal right now.

Nepal is a very poor country, and this crisis is said to have directly affected at least 6 million people.  Please give generously… food, shelter, water & emergency medical treatment cannot wait.


Credits:  Thanks to Grand Asian Journeys for sharing this information and vetting these organizations through Charity Navigator.

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