Mt Rainier Snowshoeing An Evergreen Adventure

Ready to escape your everyday life?  Leave the demands aside for a day?  a week?

We ran away with Evergreen Escapes to go snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier.  We were picked up in a large comfortable shuttle, and provided with a delicious breakfast and healthy lunch, then returned to Seattle.

It only took one day to find some time to relax, connect with nature, and have a great time with new friends!

mt rainier snowshoeing

Evergreen Escapes

Jake Haupert is the Owner and Founder of EverGreen Escapes and shares, “We are Escape Artists, a community of travel professionals against the magnificent backdrop of Cascadia, a bio-region encompassing Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

mt rainier snowshoeing mt rainier snowshoeing

It was such a beautiful winter wonderland, with the evergreens still heavily weighed down with snow. It was a perfect day too, with blue skies all around! How lucky could we be Mt Rainier snowshoeing!?

Our guide Justin Roberts

Our world-renowned and award winning escapes range from educational small group tours, to custom-crafted private travel, from family adventures and self-drive itineraries, to meaningful corporate adventures and international journeys.

mt rainier snowshoeing mt rainier snowshoeing

Blending the best of our natural wonders, wildlife encounters, culinary bounty and urban enchantments, thoughtfully designed just for you; the curious, sophisticated and responsible traveler.”

mt rainier snowshoeing mt rainier snowshoeing

Click here to plan your next escape like Mt Rainier snowshoeing! Get out an adventure today, there is a whole world for you to discover!

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