Recipes: Chef Juan Pablo Loza’s Mexican Favorites

It all started in a Yucatan kitchen….a young Juan Pablo was restless and his Grandma wanted to keep him curious and occupied.  She said to Juan Pablo, “see how many stones you can find in this bag of black beans”, and from there it began.  Chef Loza grew up helping his Grandmother cook in the kitchen and was inspired to create magical recipes, and today is the head Chef at the Maroma Resort located on the Riviera Maya.

Recently on a trip to the Riviera Maya, we enjoyed the special dishes prepared by Chef Juan Pablo Loza.  Chef Loza uses local ingredients and fuses international flavors and spices that delight every diner.  Every day, we devoured bowls of his guacamole and he shared his secret recipes with us. 


Compliments of Chef Juan Pablo Loza, here are a few of them….

 Ceviche Zihuatanejo (4 to 6 Pax)

½           Red Onion Sliced
1 or 2     Serrano Pepper Finely Chopped
1 tbsp    Salt
½ cup    Lime Juice
1 lb        Fresh Fish Cutted in Strips (Snapper, Tilapia, Sea bass, Sole, etc.)

 Mix the Onion with the Pepper and the Salt, leave to rest for one minute
Add the Lime juice and put the fish in to the Juice and marinate for 5 minutes
Serve accompanied with Tortilla Chips

 Guacamole  (4 to 6 pax)

½            White Onion Finely Chopped
1            Serrano Pepper Finely Chopped
1 tbsp    Salt
2 tbsp    Cilantro Chopped
2             Limes
4             Ripe Avocados

Mix the Onion with the Pepper and the Salt
Add the Cilantro and the Lime Juice
Mix the Avocado chopped and mix it with the rest of ingredients
Rectify Seasoning and serve

Tinga (4 to 6)

2            White Onion Sliced
3 tbsp    Corn Oil
1 tsp      Brown Sugar
2 tbsp    Canned Chipotle Chiles Puree
1            Tomato Chopped
½ cup    Shredded Chicken
Dry Oregano 

Sauté the Onion in a pan with the oil, add the Sugar and caramelize it for 1 minute
Add the chipotle puree and cook it for 1 more minute
Add the tomatoes and the Chicken until became a stew.
Season the mix with a little oregano and salt

 Serve it over Crispy Tortillas and decorate with Lettuce, Sour Cream and Fresh Cheese

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