Love, Laughter and Lunch – Meet Helen Tsanos Sheinman!

Featuring photography of Helen’s culinary creations and dazzling images of unique pottery and textiles made by contemporary Cypriot artisans, Love, Laughter and Lunch will undoubtedly hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

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Here are some Q&A’s with Helen:

A: What’s the first dish you remember making? How old were you when you made it?

HS: The first “grown-up” dish I prepared was the béchamel cream sauce for the “Makaronia Tou Fournou” (Pasticio, p. 28) when I was eleven. We ate it often at Sunday lunch and it was a huge honor for me to be allowed to make it, since it’s a multi-step recipe that requires lots of precision and thoughtful attention.

A: Where is your favorite place to spend time in Cyprus?

HS: The location that holds the fondest space in my memory is the seaside resort of Famagusta, where we used to summer as children. Sadly, this region is no longer available to us as Greek Cypriots, as it is currently occupied by the Turkish North. When I visit Cyprus today, I enjoy driving though the hill towns because their culinary traditions and crafts are still practiced the same way as when I was a young girl.

A: You mentioned that the island of Serifos is where you and your family go to simply relax. Describe an ideal day spent on this island.

HS: It would begin with a swim in the bay with my daughters Isabel and Alexia, followed by a breakfast of figs and Greek yogurt with honey. Next we would go to town to buy ingredients for lunch and when we returned we would take a long afternoon siesta, or perhaps some reading and practicing yoga. Dinner would be fresh-caught fish and Greek salad. The day would end with a visit to Chora, the main town on the hill, where my friends and I would stay up until the early hours talking and sipping ouzo.

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Helen Tsanos Sheinman is also the Co-founder  with her cousin Christina Tsanos of AgapiStyle LLC, click here
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Here’s a introduction from their site:
Together, as cousins having reunited after nearly 30 years, embarked on a passionate journey to rediscover our Cypriot heritage and explore the culture and beauty that Cyprus has to offer. We chose the name Agapi, the Greek word for “unconditional love,” because it expresses the admiration and connection with Cypriot tradition and culture that this exploration allowed us to realize.Our journey led us in many different directions, one of which was the exploration of the existing artisanal handicrafts. We visited artisans and artists alike — some young, others old, some in their homes others in their studios, some in the centers of big cities and others in the most remote of countryside villages. We were struck by the unique and beautiful pieces that we watched being made, and were touched by the passion and warmth with which we were so hospitably welcomed. Seeing these artisanal handicrafts inspired us to shape our own unique portfolio of products. With our collections of ceramics, textiles and crafts, we hope to combine traditional skills with modern design elements to bring a fresh translation of Cypriot culture and sensibilities to the global home market.Our mission was not only to share our discoveries of Cyprus, but also to support the community of Cypriot artists whom we have come to so greatly admire. We invite you to explore our selection of beautiful, colorful and one-of-a-kind products, with the same curiosity and passion that we felt throughout our journey. Just as the artisans wished for us, we now hope to warm your hearts from our home to yours.