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Cecilia Castellanos Arevalo

With her previous Kiva loan, Cecilia bought cleaning products to restock her shop.  Eight months ago, she launched a new fast food business and has done very well.  However, she needs to buy work equipment and supplies to increase her sales.  For this reason she is requesting her third Kiva loan and will invest in the purchase of a stove, cooking utensils, supplies, and ingredients for preparing fast food.

She would like to send Kiva lenders the following message:  “Thank you for trusting me and providing your support with this new loan.”

Cecilia will buy with her Kiva loan, which has satisfied her in the past, cleaning equipment, such as waxes, shampoos, disinfectants, air fresheners, mops, and brooms. Ever since she received her loan her sales have increased because she was able to respond to orders quickly and now she wants to continue adding stock with her new loan. Cecilia continues to stand out as a woman with a great productive capacity. She is very responsible and dreams of having a home of her own which is why she works so hard. If you would like to know her story click on the following link: