While in Juneau, book a flight with Era Helicopters to soar high above Alaska glaciers, and land on the massive ice field (or giant ice cube), then walk on the glacial ice.  Read on to hear about our experience with Era Flightseeing’s signature tour – “The Glacier Adventure”.

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Our driver picked us up on time at the base of the Mt. Roberts Tram, and took us on a short 10 min drive to the Era Helicopters facility on the outskirts of central Juneau.  After a short safety briefing, we were given life jackets and glacier over boots and headed to our helicopter.

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Era Flightseeing tours offer a fleet of 6 up-to-date well maintained helicopters.  After boarding the helicopter, our pilot Jennifer helped secure us in the cabin and gave us a final briefing on how to use the headset communications to make our flight more enjoyable.

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As we flew out over the town of Juneau, the harbor, out of the Channel, and listened to a short history of the early years of Juneau.  Within minutes we were flying along the inlet, over old lush forests, alpine lakes, mountain peaks, and reached the toe of Taku Glacier that stretched 24 miles inland.  Before we knew it, our pilot gently touched down on the glacier.

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It looked like we landed on another planet – a desert of ice with jagged ice formations, and glacial streams.  We were guided out of the helicopter and set foot on the glacier.  We explored the glacier and tasted the purest, most refreshing water straight from streams that were cutting their way through the glacier ice.   Jennifer pointed out that “Alaska’s unique glaciers are in differing stages: advancing, retreating, cascading, or a one-of-a-kind floating glacier.”

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After exploring the glacier, we headed back to the helicopter and took off back to the Era Helicopter base.  We saw incredible sights and throughout the entire journey, felt completely safe in the hands of our expert pilot Jennifer.  The whole experience was an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime!

To book a flight tour, contact Era Flightseeing at # 1 800-843-1947

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Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 586-2030
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by Gary Southon (photos and article)

Thank you Era Helicopters for hosting our flights!

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