La Fête Nationale – Bastille Day in Seattle

Can-can DancersLe quatorze juillet (July 14th) is the French National Day that commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille fortress-prison.  This event marked the end of King Louis XVI absolute reign, the beginning of the French Revolution and eventually the birth of the First Republic in 1792.  For French citizens, this day symbolizes liberty and the struggle against oppression.  Throughout France, and many cities in the world, there are festivities and official ceremonies held to celebrate Bastille Day.  While walking in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, we found a Bastille celebration at Café Campagne, www.campagnerestaurant.comTheir annual celebration pours out into the adjacent alleyway and revelers fill up their glasses of Rosé and toast to liberty, while watching can-can dancers kick up their heels to the live French Music being played.  See you there  July 14th, l’année prochaine!