Private Tour of Kensington Palace

What is a private tour through Kensington Palace like? We just found out!

Rebecca Recommends introduced us to Original Travel UK and they opened the Palace doors for us, and arranged a private tour.

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We didn’t see Prince William or Princess Kate, but we did get a private tour of the State Rooms, and learned about the 326 years of history in this stunning Palace.  From the House of Stuart to the House of Hanover, today House of Windsor, and fascinating stories about the royalty who have lived here including King George 1st, Queen Victoria, Princess Diana of Wales, and today – Prince William and Princess Kate, with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

After our tour, we strolled the Kensington Gardens and continued with Afternoon Tea at the Ritz London. A perfect day in London!

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Kensington Palace Private Tour

Our private tour through Kensington Palace, a Royal Residence since the 17th century, was incredible.  Starting up the King’s Staircase, we went upstairs and our guide walked us through the King and Queen’s Apartments.  She even let us sit on the Throne in the Throne Room.  She shared valuable insights and the history of the Palace.  We learned about the British Royal Timeline, and were fascinated by the stories of Royal Parties that took place in the Palace with elaborate costumes and jewelry.

Then continued our tour to the museum area dedicated to Queen Victoria.   We could see the Round Pond outside the Palace windows, and imagine what the grand Royal parties must have been like 200-300 years ago.

When we left the Palace, we visited the Sunken Gardens, and continued to stroll through the public Kensington Gardens .

Kensington Palace private tour

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The gardens were beautiful, even on a drizzly day!  One of the volunteer buggy drivers gave us a lift and we even met a “Bobby” (police officer).

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Thanks to Rebecca Recommends for her personal recommendation, and Original Travel UK creates unique and tailor-made tours.  We highly recommend them!

Louise Murray of Original Travel UK notes, “We firmly believe that an exceptional level of service and outstanding quality go hand in hand, regardless of the nature of a booking. Immaculate attention to every detail is one of our key mantras, borne out by the fact that over 85% of our bookings are by either repeat or referred clients – a stat we are very happy to share!”

This private tour was organized and arranged by Original Travel UK

Original Travel UK offers innovative bespoke experiences throughout the UK and Ireland that perfectly match their clients’ needs and deliver unsurpassed quality. They cater for all groups and ages, private clients, special interest groups and corporate groups.

Original Travel UK really does open doors other companies don’t even know exist, with exclusive and behind the scenes access to many of the UK and Ireland’s most sought after experiences.


The Goring Hotel:

For this visit to London, we stayed at The Goring Hotel and it was phenomenal!

GKensington Palace private tour

A luxury hotel in the heart of Belgravia, and just next door to Buckingham Palace.  In fact, some call The Goring, the “Annex” to the Palace.  This is where Princess Kate and her family stayed for a night before her royal wedding.  It’s a place frequented by the Royal Family and Her Majesty the Queen for Afternoon Teas and other special events.

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Otto Goring built this grand hotel in 1910, and today it is owned by his great-grandson, Jeremy Goring.  Jeremy is meticulous with details, as seen by the immaculate appearance and impeccable service at London’s finest luxury hotel.

In fact, The Goring hotel was granted a Royal Warrant for Hospitality Services by Her Majesty The Queen.

Managed by David Morgan Hewitt, who was honored as the #1 Hotel General Manager in the World in 2015!

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RCS of London Ltd
Chauffeur Service London & The London Chauffeur, Ultimate in Luxury Chauffeur Driven Travel

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We highly recommend RCS (Robinson Chauffeur Services) of London for chauffeured transfer services.  RCS Chauffeur Driven Tours is a great way to enjoy seeing London – theatre shows, shopping, museums, and other sites.  Also, RCS offers chauffeured services to other towns in England.

Vince Robinson, Managing Director shares, “Robinson Chauffeur Services offers London chauffeurs who are prompt, respectful, courteous and professional.  RCS offer airport transfers, day, evening or full time contract hire. You can be assured that our experienced chauffeurs and quality cars will be on hand to ensure your itinerary is completed in a timely, discreet and comfortable manner.”

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RCS of London Ltd (Robinson Chauffeur Service)

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Global Adventuress would like to thank Original Travel UK for hosting and arranging a private tour of Kensington Palace.
We also want to thank RCS London (Robinson Chauffeur Service) for hosting our transfers to/from the airport and our hotel.
Finally, we want to thank The Goring Hotel for hosting our dinner.

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