It Only Takes One to Change 800,000 Lives

“It is misery enough to have no means.  It is a far, far greater tragedy to have no hope.”  Dr. Tim Evans, Co-Founder of Choice Humanitarian

In the early 1980’s, Dr. Tim Evans recognized the desperation of the indigenous people of South America from centuries of turmoil, struggle and hardship that they endured.  He knew he needed to help in some way.  Because ONE man cared enough, Choice Humanitarian exists today, and has touched 816,600 lives in fourteen countries!

Choice Humanitarian was founded by Dr. Tim Evans and Dr. James Mayfield – you can donate, get involved and learn about expeditions at:

From Choice Humanitarian site:

CHOICE believes that:

  • All people and communities have the right to become self-reliant and self-developing
  • Access to clean drinking water, education, health care, nutritious food, and economic opportunity is fundamental to self-reliance and self-development.
  • Everyone has something of value to contribute culturally, socially, economically, and environmentally.

CHOICE Humanitarian’s key program is the Self-Developing Village Program — a proven process for ending extreme poverty through:

  1. Organizing:  Building a foundation of trust (6-12 months).  A village learns to identify its leaders, inventory its needs and assets, create a common vision, set priorities, establish committees, and define responsibilities.
  2. Mobilizing:  Developing leadership capacity (years 2 -3).  Villagers learn to create an action plan and carry out projects they have selected, leveraging their own resources and networking with their local governments, NGOs, and CHOICE strategic partners (expeditioners, volunteers, corporations, and others).  The projects are used as tools to develop leadership skills in a “learn-by-doing” process.
  3. Institution building:  Becoming self-sufficient (years 4-5) through the development of committees, Village Councils, and village-sponsored sustainable business opportunities, using the learning-by-doing model in partnership with investors and mentors, ultimately becoming integrated into national and international economies.

For a detailed description and background on the CHOICE Humanitarian model of self-development, click here.