Hiking Paradise at Fish River Canyon

hiking Fish River Canyon namibia

Hiking Fish River Canyon Namibia

There is no mobile cell access here.  You are free of digital devices, and if you love to hike, there are plenty of trails to trek at Fish River Canyon.  Over 3 billion years old, this Gondwanaland is a majestic sight!  Located in southern Namibia, Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa, and the second largest canyon in the world, next to the Grand Canyon in the United States.  With its twisting and turning, the Fish River is the longest interior river in Namibia.

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Camping in Fish Canyon

It cuts deep into the plateau which today is dry, stony and sparsely covered with hardy drought-resistant plants. Its rugged terrain takes half mile decent from Canyon Park Camp where we stayed in tents right along the ridge looking into the canyon.  We hiked the next morning along a riverbed that turns to a water fall during the flooding season.  Canyon Park Camp tents were faced the canyon and each had 2 beds inside with room for a night stand.  Across the grounds are showers and water closets that private yet open aired located right on the rim of the canyon and probably the best view of any bathroom in Africa.  The stone hut was large enough for 12 of us to dine with a lovely stew which simmered all day over an open fire.

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The intense desert heat only allows for hiking in the canyon from May to mid-September.  Late summer the river usually floods while the rest of the year it becomes a chain of long narrow pools.  We spotted a fish eagle diving into one of the last remaining pools.  Namibia has been in a draught for about two years now and in much need of rain.  There are over 20 crossing along the river and one of Namibia’s most popular hikes from camp to camp. Needless to say you will love hiking Fish River Canyon in Namibia!

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Staying at Canyon Park Camp was fantastic as the Sense of Africa guides offered an educational history of the tribes, species and land during our hikes and over dinner. http://www.senseofafrica-namibia.com/

By Julie Biniasz, a freelance travel writer for Global Adventuress

Acknowledgements:  we would like to thank Sense of Africa for hosting us during our stay.

All opinions and recommendations are our own.

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If you want to be entertained by some videos during our travels in Namibia, click on YouTube Global Adventuress to watch baby elephants in the Huab or the staff at Kulala Desert Lodge welcome guests.



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