Here is What some Yogis say about Why Travel is Important

By Silvia Mordini

Here is What some yogis say about Why Travel is Important:

• Personally I have always been interested in how other people live. I think it’s important to gain perspective on your own life by seeing how it’s done in other parts of the world. It also breaks down misconceptions, creates awareness and connects you to other places/people in the world. You find an appreciation for the beauty or history of a place that brings about respect for the earth and an appreciation for life. Travel can open you up to growth, transformation and a stronger sense of self.
• Expands your horizons and at times, pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you in cultures that are foreign.
• It’s an adventure into the unknown that allows you to step outside of your daily reality so you can easily wonder, learn and grow.
• It opens and expands your perspective, helps you see the universal language we all speak, always restores my faith in people, and helps me appreciate the life I have when I get back home.
• To see other cultures and the way other people live opens your mind to new ways of eating, sleeping, thinking….it broadens your horizons. There is always another way to see and do things, travel is a fun and adventurous way to get you unstuck and moving in a new direction.
• It creates compassion in an ironic way…you travel to learn and celebrate the differences but then you realize how similar we all are. When you see we are all similar and going through the same stuff it’s easier to care.
• Travel opens your heart and mind to people of the world. It creates passion, curiosity, desire, fun, love, appreciation. It’s a life changer and mind expander.
• Travel keeps you young. It does so by simply putting you in situations that make you feel like a child again. Magically lost in discovery & beautifully confused. Travel helps you learn to enjoy and just be in the moment & stop racing toward a prefabricated goal. It calms my mind and makes my heart happy. :)
• Travel also provides great opportunities to have deep gratitude for your life
• Some of the best lessons I have learned in my life have come from traveling – the world is my greatest teacher.
• It expands your mind and gets you connected spiritually
• “I give back to my soul, giving back to what your heart desires, harmony , peace , beauty, fresh air, love, nature. Basically , coming back to the source of where you came from and taking that back with you to enjoy everyday life!”