From ice carving to a battle with oranges, and elaborate carnivals, there are several global festivals taking place in February.

global festivalsphoto credit:  Mac

Here are a few of the best…

  1. Harbin, China – Snow & Ice World Festival:  Located in the far northern province of China, ice carvers gather at Zhaolin Park and Sun Island Park and chip away at ice in one of the coldest climates of the world.  They build gigantic ice structures, buildings and even slides.  It’s a sight to behold!  Dates:  Early January – End of February
  2. Venice Carnival:  This spectacular event takes place in the Piazza San Marco of Venice.  Everyone is masked and dressed in elaborate Baroque costumes to celebrate Spring.  Dates:  Starts two Fridays before Ash Wednesday and ends on Fat Tuesday.
  3. Orange Throwing Battle “Battaglia delle Arance”:  Italy loves to throw vegetables and fruit, and in Ivrea every February, 3,500 villagers come to the town’s square and  throw oranges at each other for 3 days non-stop!  Almost 1 million pounds of oranges!  Dates:  Ends on Fat Tuesday.

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