Global Adventuress of the Month: Lesley Murphy

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Global Adventuress of the Month: Lesley Murphy

This month’s Global Adventuress is Lesley Murphy from the popular luxury travel blog The Road Les Traveled. 

lesley murphy

Lesley Murphy is a sweetheart who we fell in love with during her journey to find love, but has continued to win us over with her adventuress spirit and passion for luxury travel. Believe us you will want to follow along on this girl’s travels. Murphy’s travels always include the high adventure such as glacier hikes and safaris but highlight the incredible five star resorts, spas and restaurants at each destination. We love the way she describes the appeal of luxury travel as the “sense of awe you knew as a kid.”

lesley murphylesley murphy

Lesley has been all over the world getting her passport stamped in countries like Dubai, Canada, Thailand, and Peru. As well as more remote locations such as Patagonia. She has a knack in finding ways to explore and experience all a place has to offer in the finest ways.

We can’t get enough of Lesley’s Global Adventuress spirit, and know you will too!

Q&A with Lesley Murphy

1.    How Did It Start:  How old were you when you discovered your passion for travel?  And what inspired you to start Road Les Traveled?

I’ve been lucky to travel since I was really little, whether that be with my family or acting as a sister that my best friend never had. She’s an only child, so I was able to act as family during their worldly trips for years. It wasn’t until 2013 that I actually moved abroad though. Little did I know that landing in Buenos Aires with an overweight suitcase and sub-par Spanish skills would be just the inspiration I needed to create my travel blog! I called my best friend (the one from a few sentences above) and told her I was having trouble coming up with a blog name. Without hesitation, she said “It has to be The Road Les Traveled.” What are good friends for?!

lesley murphy

2.    Travel Advice:  What is your best travel advice?  Top 3 suggestions for travelers.

  1. Go on at least one solo trip in your lifetime. You’ll thank yourself later. 
  2. Walk as much as you can in each new city you visit. You will see more…and will be able to eat more because you’ve burned those extra calories!
  3. Smile, be kind, and talk to everyone. You never know how you can make someone’s day in a new destination, or how they can make yours.

3.    Don’t Leave Home Without:  What are some of the travel essentials you take with you on your travels?

A scarf (can double as a blanket and a pillow), my passport (even if I’m traveling domestically…because you never know when Paris will call), a backup iPhone charger (because one charge will never be enough).

4.    Next Trip:  You’ve traveled extensively, where are the next 5 places you’re excited to explore?  Where are you off to next?

The top 5 places on my Bucket List are Antarctica, South Africa, Iceland, Philippines and Russia. Today, I’m heading to Puerto Rico, then Hawaii, then the Philippines with lots of little trips in between!

5.    Perfect Travel Day:  If you could be in 3 countries in the world in one day, where would you be in the morning, afternoon, and evening – and what would you be doing?

Great question! I’d go with Canada in the morning because the locals seem to be early, active risers, Italy in the afternoon to eat my face off with pasta, and the Maldives by dusk to see the best sunset I’ve ever laid eyes on!

lesley murphy

Thank you Lesley Murphy for taking the time for this interview! Make sure to check out The Road Les Traveled  and read more about Lesley’s travels and travel tips.

What is a Global Adventuress?

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