glassybaby, a symbol of hope & light


The Glassybaby founder Lee Rhodes was fighting her third battle with cancer and raising three small children when she first dropped a tea light into a handmade, colorful, glass cup.  Lee found great hope and healing in the soothing light and found the peace and calm she needed to heal.  She wanted to spread that hope.  She began hiring artists to make the glass votives.  glassybaby was born.
Lee remembers meeting people in waiting rooms who could not afford basic day to day costs like bus fare and groceries during treatment.  Health insurance does not help with those needs but today, glassybaby has donated more than $750,000. from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping patients with those costs during chemotherapy.

Here is a video that shows how glassybaby hope and light touches so many people.  Hundreds of people in line for hours for the glassybaby Seconds Sale  
glassybaby sales were up 40% last year and they can’t make them fast enough.  70+ artists working seven days a week to make the colorful votives in 400+ colors.  glassybabyThe more that is sold, the more is given away to charities.  glassybaby expects to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars this year too.
Each glassybaby is a symbol of hope.  Their color and light inspire people during their darkest moments.  They also help people celebrate and mark life events; the birth of a baby, a friendship, an anniversary.glassybaby
Jeff Bezos, the founder was so impressed he pursued the owner to buy part of the company.
Today, Lee is a vision of health (she just climbed Kilamanjaro).
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