Fakarava is one of the most pristine islands in French Polynesia, and has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  Called the “Island of Dreams” this island was the original home of the Pomares who became the Royal Family of Tahiti.


Today, there are less than 1,000 residents on Fakarava, who live in and around the quaint villages of Rotoava and the Tetamanu, and welcome visitors with a flower and Tahitian music.

This untouched island is one of the 7 coral atoll islands in the Tuamotus archipelago, where the local communities are active in preserving their environment and conserving the biodiversity of species – plants, nesting birds and marine life.  Many of the locals farm pearls and copra (coconut) and depend on the natural resources, so they understand the importance of protecting their island.


Famous for its Blue Lagoon, the second largest after Rangiroa, and known to be one of the world’s best diving destinations, scuba divers find a rich ecosystem, a paradise of corals, sharks and tropical fish.

We cruised to Fakarava on the MSY Wind Spirit Yacht from the Windstar Cruises fleet, and highly recommend visiting these far away islands in the Tuamotus with Windstar Cruises.

Here are a few recommendations on what to do while visiting Fakarava.


  • Scuba Dive:  Contact Top Dive and make a reservation to dive the two passes that enter the lagoon.  The two passes that enter the lagoon are the Garauae Pass on the north, and the Tumakohua Pass on the south, where there is a dive site called “Shark’s Hole” home to several lemon, whitecap and hammerhead sharks.
  • Snorkel:  If you don’t dive, snorkel some of the coral reefs with a guide.  Watch out for currents and be sure to consult a local expert on best snorkel sites.  Some recommend Pufana, as well as Veke Veke Village where you can snorkel right from the beach. 
  • Visit the Blue Lagoon:  We booked a half day tour with Ato Lissant and went on a fabulous Blue Lagoon Tour with lunch on a private motu, swim in the most beautiful blue lagoon, and snorkel at a coral stop before you return to the main village. 



Ato and his crew made a fabulous lunch of grilled fish, coconut, fresh tropical fruit and salads. 



Email Ato to book your tour at: 

fakaravaexplorer@hotmail.com OR www.fakarava-tour.com

Click here to see the Blue Lagoon from a drone! 

  • Bike the Island:  There are bikes for rent at the pier about $8/hour or for $30 per day. 


Cycle to the Topaka Lighthouse, a 45 ft. high pyramid shaped lighthouse.

  • Shop for Handicrafts:  You can find handicrafts at Mama’s Market on the pier where local ladies sell jewelry and other souvenir items. img_2031-400x300img_2035-400x300
  • Visit Rotoava Village:  Walk around Rotoava, the main village, where you can watch locals fish, and go about their daily activities. 

Good to Note:  We visited Fakarava with Windstar Cruises, but if you are looking for a hotel for a longer stay, check out Le Maitai Dream Fakarava.




On this trip, we cruised with Windstar Cruises, and visited 8 islands including coral atolls Fakarava and Rangiroa in the Tuamotus archipelago, as well as Taha’a, Raiatea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahiti in the Society Islands.  Sharing highlights from each of these islands – what to do, where to go, dine, stay…


·    Fakarava, Island of Dreams 

***Click here to see drone footage  Fakarava Blue Lagoon Tour

·    Rangiroa’s Endless Lagoon


·    A Perfect Day in Tahiti

·    Bora Bora, Island of Romance

·    Moorea, the Heart Shaped Island of Polynesia

·    Huahine, Polynesia’s Garden of Eden

·    Raiatea Island, the Cradle of French Polynesia

·    Taha’a, South Pacific’s Vanilla Island


Global Adventuress thanks Ato Lissant for partially hosting us on a fabulous Blue Lagoon Tour!  Also, we thank Windstar Cruises for hosting our cruise through French Polynesia.


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