cerro toco trek

Cerro Toco Trek

Looking for something a bit more than your average hike as you travel through South America and Chile? How about making the trek to Cerro Toco. Not only is the view a breath taking but you will be hiking along lava and volcanoes!

Jerrol and Gemma set out to do just this! They started their hike at 5,200 meters (~15,600 ft), and ascended almost 3,000 feet to the summit.
Cerro Toco is located in the Atacama Desert in Chile, just a few miles south of Bolivia. And is made up of several strato volcanos, lava domes, and maars.
Congratulations to Jerrol and Gemma on their summit of Cerro Toco – standing on top at 18,385 ft or 5620 meters! You have gone out and truly become great Global Adventurers!
 cerro toco trek  cerro toco trek

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