Global Adventuress of the Month: Cassandra De Pecol

This month’s “Global Adventuress of the Month” goes to the inspiration and experienced woman traveler Cassandra De Pecol– author of Expedition 196–A Travel Odyssey!

Cassandra De Pecol Interview

Cassandra is a Connecticut native with a desire to inspire and lift those around her. She began to really explore her travel interest in college while attending Long Island University – Global College in Costa Rica, Green Mountain College, Post University, Santa Barbara City College and Galleleo Travel School. She finally decided she would learn the most and live life to its fullest if she headed out on her own to see the world. In 2009 with only $2000 in her bank account, Cassandra began traveling 4 continents–just living off of bread, sleeping in train stations and hitch hiking across the Middle East, South American and Africa.

She is a self made woman, who since high school has dreamt of visiting every country on earth–thus the name of her travel blog Expedition 196. Expedition 196 is where she shares her travel adventures as she journeys across the world with the goal of visiting all 196 countries in two years. She carries with her a message of peace and has been featured in countless international media outlets. The Fastest Woman Around the World is truly a Global Adventuress who has inspired us to reach our dreams.

Cassandra De Pecol Interview

Here is our interview with Cassandra De Pecol!

  1. What was the “spark” that led to your decision to set a world record to see 196 countries in 2 years?

The idea that there was a record, gave me a goal to work towards that wasn’t too far fetched. Promoting peace through sustainable tourism for me was fantastic, but I also needed a personal record to keep me on track, so when I found out there was a Guinness Record, I knew that I had to just go for it. The thought that hey, we never know how much time we’ll have left, really ate away at me and on my 25th birthday, I decided to drop everything and start planning this quest.

Cassandra De Pecol Interview

2.       Which 5 countries would you like to return to and explore more?

The Middle East really resonated with me and so I’d love to head back over there to explore more. Pakistan, Afghanistan, then probably New Zealand, Nepal and Mali.

3.       What are your top 10 travel essentials that you pack and take with you on your journey?

Aside from my passport of course, my iPhone, my SPOT GPS, headphones, sunglasses, Nikon D750 and tripod, Sovrn Republic carry on pack (my only bag), a whistle/compass, a stack of the ‘IIPT Credo of the Peaceful Traveler’ documents, MacBook Air, and typically two external hard drives. 

4.       If you could share 3 tips on travel advice for female travelers?

Be confident, trust in the unknown and travel alone, it’s where you’ll grow and learn the most. 

Cassandra De Pecol Interview

5.       What will you do after you break this world record?

Finish the educational documentary and book series, give motivational talks, continue to give keynote sessions to university students, develop the universal student internship program that I’ve been working on, compete in my first full Ironman, and of course, continue to travel the world. 

Cassandra De Pecol Interview

To read more about Cassandra and her travels, or donate to her cause visit her travel website Expedition 196.

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