Global Adventuress of the Month: Brenna Holeman

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Global Adventuress of the Month Brenna Holeman

Global Adventuress is excited to announce a new series on our blog– Global Adventuress of the Month.

What is a Global Adventuress?

(Glob·al Ad·ven·tur·ess noun:ˈglōbəl/ adˈvenCHəris/) 
Someone who explores the world near and far, whether hiking to a mountain top, trying a new recipe, or connecting with a local culture & people. A Global Adventuress explores, shares and connects with people wherever they are.

We are kicking off this series with a fabulous Global Adventuress– Brenna Holeman from This Battered Suitcase.
Brenna Holeman Photo
Originally from Canada, Brenna currently lives in London. She has traveled across each continent except Antarctica, visiting almost 90 countries. Brenna earned her master’s degree in creative non-fiction writing. She loves to write about her adventures and is currently working on a book. She hopes her writings will inspire others to travel.
We love Brenna’s free spirit and love for hot dogs. Here’s our travel interview with Brenna Holeman!

Q&A with Brenna Holeman

1. What inspires you to travel to different destinations?

I find inspiration in a lot of ways: books, movies, blogs, magazines, social media, word of mouth, you name it. My wanderlust is pretty insatiable, so there are few places in the world I don’t want to visit. I have to say that I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram these days, but growing up I was so often inspired just by looking at maps and saying the names of places out loud.

brenna holeman

2. What is a must travel item for you?

I always travel with a camera, obviously, but I always travel with both a book and a journal, too. One of my favourite things to do while travelling is to sit in a square or outdoor café and read or write while people-watching; it makes me feel, at least for an hour or two, that I live in that place.

3. Who would you love to travel with?/ Who is your top travel companion?

I would love to travel more with my sister; though we travelled a lot as a family, we haven’t done many trips where it’s just the two of us, and that would be so much fun. My top travel companion is my mum, because she has the same sense of adventure as I do, and is always up for anything (even if that just means relaxing with a glass of wine).


4. What do you consider your greatest adventure thus far?

I have a few that stick out in my mind. One is definitely my backpacking journey through Central and South America for the better part of a year, which was incredible. Another is when I did the Trans-Siberian through China, Mongolia, and Russia, and another would be my recent trip to Bhutan. All of these trips challenged me in different ways, but were all so rewarding.


5. You have a private jet available for 24 hours, where do you go?

I would definitely fly to some of the smaller, more remote islands in the South Pacific. I dream of their turquoise waters and white sands.


6.  What adventure took you out of your comfort zone?

The funny thing is, I feel very comfortable when I travel, even if it’s a more challenging destination. I think I thrive best when I’m on the road. That being said, I’ve taken a few harrowing train and bus journeys in my life; I try to avoid overnight journeys now.

brenna holeman

7.  Where and what will you be exploring this next year?

I just returned from an amazing trip to the north part of Mallorca, Spain, and I have a trip to Italy coming up (a return visit to Cinque Terre, one of my favorite spots in the world). Then I’m off to Sweden for a travel blogging conference, and later in the summer I’ll attend a festival near Paris. I’m planning a trip to Puerto Rico, too, and definitely a visit to my home country of Canada, but other than that, it’s all up in the air!
Thanks to Brenna Holeman for her travel inspiration. Read more about her travels here.
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