LaDawn is a mother of 4 energetic boys.  She shares some family fun adventures from their recent winter getaway trip to The Big Island, Hawaii.

Catch fish on the Kona open water!
Their Motto is “Join Ohana Sportfishing for the adventure of a lifetime!”

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So, we took the bait and decided to join for the adventure!  Chris and Geri, owners, (captain, chef, and fish spotters) were delightful.  Their boat was beautifully cared for.  I could tell right away that their customer service aimed to please (ummm, like fresh, homemade marinated, seared Ahi tuna for lunch!) and that they would tune into making the excursion memorable for our boys (ages 14, 13, 10, 6).

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Mike, the fisherman, taught us what to do when there was a “fish on”, and helped each of the boys to pull in a Skip Jack. Although it would have been incredible to catch a marlin, AND we really wish the spearfish or the 90 lb Ahi Tuna we snagged didn’t get away (and that ain’t no fish tale), the memory was made, we caught fish, took prized pictures, and the boys were smiles ear to ear!

Also, they are one of the few outfits on Kona that will let YOU keep your catch.  They will clean it, package it to send home, or coordinate with a restaurant for you to eat it. Yum!  To be conservationally minded, the only fish you don’t keep is a Marlin.  It is released for sustainability.  And, as Captain Chris says “It’s more fun to catch it twice than kill it once.”

But if you are lucky enough  to catch one, they will direct you to a local place that makes perfectly life-like marlin mounts the exact size of your Marlin.  This way you have something to show your friends when they don’t believe your tall “fish tale”.  Thank you Ohana Sportfishing!

Contact Info: Ohana Sportfishing at #808-854-7760

Night Snorkel with Manta Rays

This was really cool!  Travelling as a family, our nighttime activities were mostly hanging out in the hotel room playing games, so when we heard about this night time snorkle to experience the giant Manta Rays, we had to go!  I looked into several outfits that do this, and chose Sea Paradise because we weren’t quite sure what to do with my 6 year old.  He was a little fearful of snorkling at night, and Sea Paradise not only offered a child’s rate (to help us feel better in case he only stayed in the water for 5 minutes), but they also offered a Free Rider option in case he just wanted to come along for the ride on their big, stable catamaran.  They also have a guarantee on a Manta Ray sighting.  Try to book on the earlier side of your trip because if for some reason you don’t see one, you can go for free any other night.

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So…all six of us decided to go.  The snorkle site is only about 3 minutes from the boat harbor, and we held on to floating ladders with spot lights that shine down in the water.  This is what attracts the photoplankton…and then the Manta Rays come to feed.  Check out the video section of their website to see what we saw.

It was not a warm, sunny-day snorkle, but the pay off was huge…as huge as the 7 foot mantas that performed their graceful figure 8’s in the water within an arms length of us!  This was truly awe inspiring and magnificent to see these unique and beautiful creatures up so close. Lincoln hung in there for 6 minutes…but it was worth it…he saw a manta ray… and thank you for the child’s rate Sea Paradise!  As for John and the other boys…they were the last ones to get back in the boat!

Contact Info: Sea Paradise at #800-322-5662


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