Arabic 101: Basic Words

Arabic basic words

Here are some basic arabic words you can use in your travels!


Hello (welcome) marhaba

Hello (peace be upon you) assalamo alaykum

Good morning sabah al khair

Good afternoon/evening misaa al khair

Goodbye ma’salaama

How are you? kaif halaak (m) / kaif haalik (f )

Please min fadlak

Thank you shukran

Not at all afwan Yes na’am

No la I want a taxi ureed taxi

Right yameen

Left yasar

Straight ahead alatool

Let’s go yalla

Finished khallas

No problem ma fi mushkila

This/that hatha / hathaak

I want to buy…/I’d like areed ashtiri…/ ana areed

The bill please fatoura, laow samaht

Yesterday/today/tomorrow ams / alayum/bukra

God willing insha’Allah

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