In 2002, Anna Bezzola founded Alps and Beyond, an extraordinary travel company that offers hiking and walking tours of various difficulty levels in Italy and Switzerland, with great focus on the regions in and around the Alps. Recently, Alps and Beyond customized trips to Dolomites and Piemonte for Global Adventuress – they specialize in private, custom-designed tours and small groups. Alps and Beyond received two thumbs up from Global Adventuress, and we’re ready to start planning our next trip with Anna! You can too – email:

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Anna Bezzola, founder and director of Alps and Beyond, grew up exploring the cultural and natural environments of the Swiss and Italian Alps. She studied theatre lighting in California and worked for many years at a leading Adventure Travel company, an opportunity that gave her the wealth of knowledge and expertise she needed to start her own company. Anna is multi-lingual, has a multi-faceted personality, and she loves to explore new places. Although owning her own business has added a new dimension to her life, she still enjoys guiding as much as she can. Among other places, her travels have taken her to Patagonia, Alaska, Bhutan, the Arctic and the Antarctic. She currently lives in Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland, where she runs Alps and Beyond with great passion and dedication, and where she is also an official guide for Monte San Giorgio, a UNESCO paleontological site.

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Alps and Beyond was born from the heartfelt desire of its founder and director, Anna Bezzola, to provide an opportunity for the curious traveller to partake not only in an active vacation, but also in a full-immersion, cultural and educational experience in a part of the world she is very passionate about. In fact, Anna was born and raised in Italy, and grew up spending her summers in Switzerland and exploring the cultural and natural environments of the Alps. With great passion and enthusiasm, careful design, focused attention on the smallest details, quality accommodations and services, as well as an extended family of professional guides, Alps and Beyond offers distinctive active vacations in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Our trips range from classic journeys through renown areas to unique programs in regions still undiscovered by mass tourism, while well-researched, unique local characteristics, exclusive activities and interactions with the native people insure a fun, authentic and memorable experience in the midst of superb scenery.

Our Collaborators are independent professionals, with an invaluable expertise, who have worked in the travel business for years and who share our same passion and enthusiasm.

Our Guides are local, and an integral part of the places and cultures you visit. They are extraordinary individuals coming from all walks of life, with years of guiding experience, an in-depth understanding of mountain hiking and safety procedures, and caring personalities. Their intimate knowledge of the history, culture, traditions, flora and fauna of the area is complemented by stories handed down to them by their parents and grandparents. They are professional, multi-lingual, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate, and will not miss any opportunity to interact with the local people, providing valuable opportunities for a full-immersion experience. Extreme curiosity, spirit of adventure, spontaneity and a playful attitude are the powerful engines that drive them and that will bring everything around you fully alive.