Our daily lives are jam packed with daily demands juggling family, friends, work…and there’s little time to make a flight reservation, check a flight, or even check in! SK0711

On a recent flight with Air Canada, they made it easy to quickly access my personal “flight dashboard” and do just about everything while I was “on the go”.  Air Canada provides apps for Mobile devices and services to simplify one’s travel experience, and stay informed wherever you are.

mobile  click away

Here are some Air Canada Mobile self-service options for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Blackberry outlined below.  Wherever you are….Air Canada is with you.  Just a click away!

Note:  this information has been provided by Air Canada.

Air Canada App for Android

 1 The   Air Canada Android App is your personal travel companion. View your Flight   Dashboard, manage your travel plans on the go, using features that allow you   to find and track flights, check in and more!Learn   more about our Android app

Passbook Electronic Boarding Pass

2 Air   Canada’s Electronic Boarding Pass is now Passbook enabled! Just check in on   your mobile device, online or at an airport kiosk like you do today. If you’re   eligible for an Electronic Boarding Pass and are using an iPhone or iPod   touch running iOS 6 you’ll receive the Passbook version.Learn   more about Passbook Electronic Boarding Pass

Mobile Booking

 3 Mobile   booking has arrived! Now you can use the Air Canada iPhone App to search and   purchase flights, view flight details, select your seat and share your   itinerary with family and friends.It’s the complete mobile experience in the palm of your hand.Learn   more about Air Canada Mobile Booking

Air Canada Vacations

14 Air   Canada Vacations launches its first mobile app! Now you can manage your   vacation from a single location on your mobile phone:  view bookings,   track flight information, check in online, add favourite vacations to a wish   list, and more.Learn   more about the Air Canada Vacations App

Air Canada mobile+

4 Experience   the convenience of Air Canada mobile+, a service that stores your contact   information, preferences and payment details in a secure environment, thus   allowing you to pay for several Air Canada services directly from your mobile   device.Learn   more about Air Canada mobile+


15 Your   portal to Air Canada’s mobile world! You can access all of our Mobile   Services directly from your Internet-enabled mobile device by simply typing   mobile.aircanada.com in your mobile device’s Internet browser.Learn   more about mobile.aircanada.com

Mobile Check-In

 6 Check   in to your Air Canada flights from wherever you are! Simply visit   mobile.aircanada.com and select the Check-In option. You can receive your   Electronic Boarding Pass directly on your mobile device or confirm your   check-in to secure your seat on the plane.Learn   more about Mobile Check-In

Electronic Boarding Pass

 7 You   can now receive your boarding pass directly on your mobile device when you do   a Mobile, Web or Kiosk Check-in! The Electronic Boarding Pass will enable you   to pass through security and board your flight…paper free.Learn   more about Electronic Boarding Pass

Air Canada App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

9 Air   Canada introduces a new application, specifically designed for Apple iPhone   users, to make travel easier than ever! So, no matter if you want to check in   for your flight, verify you Flight Status, sign up for real-time Flight   Notification updates, or take advantage of one of the other options   available, the Air Canada iPhone App has you covered.Learn   more about iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app

Air Canada Apps for BlackBerry

10 The   new Air Canada BlackBerry App provides BlackBerry users with convenient tools   while traveling. Check-in for your flight and get your Electronic Boarding   Pass, verify you Flight Status, sign up for real-time Flight Notification   updates, or take advantage of one of the other options available.Learn   more about our BlackBerry services

My Messages service

11 Manage   your Air Canada travel experience from a single location. With the new Air   Canada My Messages inbox, you’ll get your Electronic Boarding Pass and   Flight Notification updates that you registered for, all in one place.Learn   more about My Messages

Mobile Flight Pass

12 You   can now manage your Air Canada Flight Pass directly from your mobile device!   Book Flight Pass credits, view your unused flight credits, view the list of   designated travellers as well as the complete list of eligible cities for   your Flight Pass.Purchase   a Flight Pass

Notification Services

13 Flight   information delivered directly to your fingertips! You can now have your   flight schedules, cancellations, delays and details sent directly to your   mobile device or e-mail as they occur, all in real time.Learn   more about our Notification Services


General Reservations:  #1-888-247-2262 (Toll free, 24 hrs/7 days)

Air Canada is a Star Alliance partner

Star Alliance

Global Adventuress thanks Air Canada for hosting the flight to/from the U.S. to Canada.

by PATRICIA STONE, a Seattle-based travel writer

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Air Canada Carries Your Bag

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Air Canada…A Click Away

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