A New Course for the Matriarchs of the World

Recently, I attended an evening reception event to learn more about A New Course,  , an organization that engages directly with communities to identify the local issues that hinder resource management.  We met the co-founder, Dr. Jamie D. Bechtel, who recognizes that “Everywhere, women are struggling to provide their families with the basic necessities for survival—finding food, hauling water, and collecting fuel and other natural resources.”   And so her organization seeks to connect with the women in these communities and empower them to protect the basic human rights – food, water, health, education, environment, and security, and in turn, improve the well-being of their families and communities.

Currently, they are working with partners in 5 countries (Botswana, Tanzania, Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo), to bring resources that will help local communities more effectively manage and conserve critical ecosystems.

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a new course photo by Patricia Stone