A Belizean Beauty– Come fly with us to the Great Blue Hole

Have you heard of this Belizean Beauty – the Great Blue Hole?  We were fascinated by this UNESCO World Heritage Site and flew over it, swam in it, and dove below it.

Helicopter tour over the Belize Great Blue Hole

On our helicopter flight with Astrum Helicopters, we flew to The Great Blue Hole.  There are many Blue Holes in the world, but this one is the largest sink hole in the world…a collapsed underground cavern known as The Great Blue Hole at 984 feet wide and 407 feet deep. 

belize great blue hole belize great blue hole

The Belize Great Blue Hole is a part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef.  Many dive expeditions frequent the Blue Hole and dive to about 140 ft. in this circular sinkhole surrounded by steep vertical walls into caves guarded by giant stalagmites and stalactites.  Located in the center of the Lighthouse Reef and about 40 miles from Belize City, Wikipedia states that an “analysis of stalactites found in Great Blue Hole shows that formation took place 153,000 years ago”.

belize great blue hole belize great blue hole

Take a look at these videos as we approach and fly around The Great Blue Hole with Astrum Helicopters in Belize.  Come fly with us!

Approach to The Great Blue Hole and 360 Degree View of The Great Blue Hole

Diving in the Great Blue Hole!

A couple days before, we dove to 140 ft. depths in The Blue Hole with Ramon’s Dive Shop,  and got to see Mother Nature’s Wonder from both perspectives.  Mother Nature amazes us again!

Flying Over the Great Blue Hole!

Astrum Helicopters flew us over Belize City, Gallow Reef, the Turneffe Atoll, Pelican Caye, to the Lighthouse Reef and over the Great Blue Hole.

belize great blue hole belize great blue hole belize great blue hole

As we approached this world wonder, we had a spectacular approach across the Western Hemisphere’s largest Great Barrier Reef.  Then we flew back to Belize City, over Long Caye, Soldier (Turneffe Atoll), and Blackbird and spotted some manatees, rays from above.  Our Pilot and Astrum’s Director of Operations, Gustavo A. Giron Sr. told us that on a recent flight, there was an aerial sighting of a sperm whale – which is a first in the history of Belize!  The photos on their site now confirm fishermen’s stories about seeing whales in Belize waters.

belize great blue hole belize great blue hole

Enjoy more images below from our flight and you can find more information about Astrum Helicopters.

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Enjoy these images taken by Global Adventuress, and we want to thank Astrum Helicopters for hosting our flight.

belize great blue hole  belize great blue hole

belize great blue hole     belize great blue hole belize great blue hole  belize great blue hole belize great blue hole  belize great blue hole