Global Adventuress is a travel site that provides travel resources, ideas and stories on destinations around the world. 
We have lived abroad in over a dozen countries, and traveled to over 100 countries, and want to share our insights and recommendations on where to go, stay, dine, what to do, how to get there & more!

So what is a Global Adventuress? 

Glob·al Ad·ven·tur·ess
noun:ˈglōbəl/ adˈvenCHəris/

  1. a woman who enjoys or seeks adventure near and afar.
  2. a woman who makes travel plans for her family, friends, or ventures out solo to explore the world.
  3. a smart man who appreciates travel insights from the adventuresses in his life – his wife, sisters, mother, girlfriends, and daughters.

Global Adventuress believes that travel builds “bridges” of understanding, and opens our eyes to become more culturally and globally aware.  Through travel and adventure, we can empower each other to learn how to make a difference with our families and local communities in this vast world,  ensuring a better future for generations to come.

Global Adventuress was founded in 2011 as a way for women of all ages, interests and aspirations to explore, share, connect through global travels and experiences.

Explore.  Share. Connect.

Get Inspired!  Your next adventure awaits…

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